How’s everyone doing?

Historically, this blog has been a place to hawk our various wares, talk about hair, tv, and sometimes even zucchini, but right now, it’s getting hard to be pithy.

We’re spending a lot of time like this.

Honestly, it’s ugly. So what can you do to keep current on what’s going on, and yet, not end up like Bender.

  1. Stay informed, but not overwhelmed.
    You want to know what’s going on, but the news of late is like a psychic vampire, sucking your will to live. We get it! Try digesting in bites. Sites like “What the fuck just happened, today?” will give you the daily rundown without weighing you down with so many details you’ll start flailing. It’s important to stay informed, but that doesn’t mean you have to focus to the point of madness. You’re looking for a happy medium here.
    Like Mr. McGregor.
  2. Find out what you can do locally
    Marching is great (do it peacefully, kids. They’re just ITCHING to call in the national guard, don’t give any reason why that shouldn’t seem wildly overblown) but not everyone can, or even should participate. We all have to do what’s right for ourselves first, and then help take care of everyone else. Put on your OWN oxygen mask first. That said, you’re itching to do SOMETHING, so what can you do? Try these things on for size:

    1. Contribute to organizations that will oppose Trump. While groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Anti-Defamation League, the Sierra Club, and Planned Parenthood, have reported a surge in donations and volunteers, that surge will only last so long. It’s going to take committed, ongoing support to keep these valuable resources available to those most in need. Given the nature of his Cabinet picks, and the scale of the Republican Party’s ambitions in rolling back the welfare and regulatory state, the battle ahead is likely to be long and bitter, waged on local, regional, and national fronts.

    2. Support independant journalism. Print is dying, and with it, are the budgets to pay for quality reporting that maks America what it should be. Freedom of the press is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to a free society. So consider subscribing to the publications that are taking a stand for freedom. The New York Times, Washington Post, and magazines like Vanity Fair and, surprisingly, Teen Vogue, are providing excellent journalism and in order to continue that trend, will need support in the form of subscribers.

    3. Contact your congressman and senator and tell them to stand up to what the majority of Americans believe in. The U.S. Capitol provides a strong line of defense against the erosion of democracy. As the new Administration continues to propose and attempt to execute a more and more reactionary agenda, it will be up to legislators that are both democrat AND republican to ensure that the president does not use the white house as his personal pocketbook, that weak are not crushed, and that civil rights are not rolled back. Finding your representitive is as easy as entering your zip code. 

  3. Try to hold it together.It’s really hard not to wake up yelling and go to sleep crying, we get it, but screaming at our neighbors and cutting off EVERYONE you disagree with on facebook might not be the best way to move forward. Self-care is key. When you need it, take a break from the tv and the internet. Read a book! An educated populace is harder to control. To help you with that, why, we’ve got a giveaway going on through Valentine’s Day RIGHT NOW.
    Share concepts and ideas with people, instead of just screaming opinions. Find the middle ground and work out from there.

There are more good people than bad. We’re convinced of this no matter how terrible things sometimes seem. Just hang in there. Eat a cupcake, listen to music, plant a garden and wait for it to bloom. We’re stronger than all of this, and we can get through it.

That’s all we’ve got for today, but that’s ok, too.

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Another Women’s March Story- Meggan Wornek

We’re trying to do our part in the resistance by sharing stories, essays and photos from people who attended the Women’s March, or who simply feel strongly about what’s going on in our country right now. Our freak flags don’t mean we have nothing to say. Quite the opposite. This piece by Meggan Wornek.


The Women’s March made history this weekend across the U.S. and the world, as record numbers of men, women, and children of all different backgrounds came together to bring awareness to situations of social injustice. Many people who were opposed to the Women’s March felt it was just a big temper tantrum because “our candidate” didn’t win the presidential election. While that may be true for some, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say most of the people who marched, marched for much more than just Trump. One thing I heard from an anti-marcher really stuck with me, though. Knowing I had been to the March and that I was in earshot they shouted, “HE DIDNT GRAB ANYONE’S PUSSY HE JUST SAID YOU COULD AND THEN THERES THE BIGGEST WOMEN’S MARCH IN THE WORLD.” Now, let me tell you why we marched. Because it’s NOT just locker room talk. It’s encouragement of molestation and rape and “no doesn’t always mean no.” It’s a painful reminder to the 1 in 3 women who have already BEEN raped. I’ll say it again 1 in 3. As in a third of the women I walked alongside didn’t vote for Trump because they don’t want encouragement of a repeat offense. Because they fear that their rapist will get released after 3 months of his 6-month sentence so they haven’t even told their boyfriends or best friends. Because it paints women as less than, not equal too. Because it IS a woman’s right to choose. Just cuz you may not agree with it doesn’t mean you should take the right away from those that have had and needed that option. Because planned parenthood isn’t JUST aborting babies. They’re doing STD testing, diabetes testing, birth control in every form, support, and counseling and so much more. Because immigrants are people in search of a better life, just like our ancestors before us, and they don’t want to be accused of being rapists and terrorists because they grew up different from us. Because we can’t just cut ties with our allies right now. Have you seen how many people have died? Because love is love, and you should be able to marry the person you love if marriage is the way you choose to celebrate that love. And you should be able to adopt a child even if your partner has the same genitalia as you. Because Trump’s either gonna be the worst thing to happen to America in our generation or the fire to start a revolution. And women deserve a place in the revolution. Because feminism needs to be universally intersectional, or it’s not feminism, it’s just more white privilege. Because women from different backgrounds have had to fight even longer and even harder to be able to fight alongside white women in the first place. And we should’ve been united from the beginning. “And if you’re neutral in situations of injustice you’ve taken the side of the oppressor.” The Women’s March may not change things overnight. Hell, they might not even change soon. But if nothing else we opened the platform for discussion. And maybe, someday this discussion that started for many people on January 21, 2017, could help change the world. The Sister March to the Women’s March on Washington I attended was so beautiful it was breathtaking. Everyone was peaceful and talked to each other like we’d known each other for ages. There were discussions from different viewpoints without anger being brought into the mix when viewpoints didn’t mesh. Different races, cultures, ages, political parties and classes marched together. For what felt like the first time in a long time, we came together. And that’s all we asked for.

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We’re having a “GET WOKE” giveaway!

Amalthea here. Things are rough, kids. I not gonna lie, it’s getting scary out there. Unfortunately, as a spoonie, and just a year out of my transplant, marching isn’t really a physical option right now (erhaps in the future, though, I’ll  have to talk to doctors about it.) So, what’s a freaked out gal who’s worried about the state of things, but who can’t march do to help? Well, if you’re me, and you believe that words are the source of all power, then you have a Get Woke Giveaway.


The rules are simple, make sure you follow us on instagram, @amaltheasattic, repost this image and tag a friend with #wakeandresist. Three random winners will receive a copy of either George Orwell’s 1984 or Animal Farm, or Ray Bradbury’s Farenheight 451. Already have a copy? GREAT, for the love of all that is good, give it to a friend who supports the current regime. Don’t have one yet? READ THEM. While these are meant to be both satire and an urgent warning, it seems that currently they are being repurposed as instruction manuals. This is terrifying, so we’re hoping to spread a bit of information to those who so desperately seem to need it.
The winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day, 2017.

There’s no need to purchase anything to win, you don’t even have to be a customer. This isn’t about selling stuff, this is about resisting the easy slide into fascism. As always, we thank you for any support you do offer to small businesses like ours, but for right now, we’d like to focus on your library more than your wardrobe.

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More Hairdye Q&A

I know! You guys thought we’d veered off into politics forever! Nope, just sometimes. The world is scary, and we have feelings about it. But you know what else we have feelings about? YOUR QUESTIONS!

So many questions, mostly about hair dye.

So many questions, mostly about hair dye.

Seriously, the idea of you guys being kept up at night by hair dying questions leaves us cold. So, we’re going to do a bit of a Q&A roundup of all the questions we’ve been getting over the past few (very very busy) months.

Q: Can I apply Manic Panic (or Arctic Fox, or any other similar dye) directly to the scalp?

A: Yes you can, however, you’re going to dye your scalp. This can take a while to wear off depending on the brand you use. We’ve found that Manic Panic and Special Effects seem to dye the scalp for a very long time, while often, Arctic Fox rinses off the skin with the very first wash. This can be different for everyone, depending on the oiliness of the scalp and other variables, so your mileage may vary.

Q: Can I dye my hair when it’s dirty?

A: If you’re using a permanent dye that utilizes a developer, yes! You absolutely can, and it can even protect your hair a bit from drying. If you’re going to be using Arctic Fox, Manic Panic, Special Effects or any other non-developer dye, the short answer is no. The long answer is, read this blog post, and you will be a LOT happier with your results.

Q: Can I just put my hair dye on my hands and rub it all over? Do I HAVE to do it piece by piece?

A: Full disclosure here: Yeah, you totally can, but you have to be REALLY aggressive about getting it all over and you REALLY want to have a spotter for those behind-the-ears and nape-of-the-neck spots. When you call your spotter over, they’re not going to be able to be a passive observer. Rather, remember those lice checks your school nurse did in elementary school? Yeah, they’re going to do it like that. They’ll want to take a pick, or a comb, and move all the hair over on each part of the hair and MAKE SURE you’ve gotten everything. This is MUCH less important if you’re doing a re-dye (no new bleaching.) But if you HAVE done any bleaching, this is really important, or you’ll end up with those high contrast yellow patches that look good on just about no one.

Q: Can I use Arctic Fox (Manic Panic, Special Effects, etc.) on damp hair?
Q: How can I make Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, Special Effects, Crazy Colour, etc. last longer?

A: Again, read this post, and you’ll have all the answers you need on those questions!


That’s it for today! If you have any questions you want the answers to, about hair dye, or any other weird stuff you need help with (heck, we’re even pretty good at advice!) Drop us an email, or leave a comment. We hope you’ll check out our shop, visit our Instagram, and all the other fun stuff we’ve got going on!


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A Customer’s Post on the Women’s March on Washington, by Dani Madden

This post was submitted by Dani Madden. We’re currently collecting stories from our customers, and supporters, on what the March means to them. The Attic is a strong supporter of the WMOW, and the Resist movement in general. Now is not the time for silence, it’s time for us all to stand up and be heard.

So many people are thinking the Women’s March today is all about Trump which it’s not. So I thought I’d share why I am marching today.
I am marching because I am fucking sick & tired of walking down the street with my toddler girls & being cat called even though I am wearing an ankle length skirt & plain tshirt.
I am fucking sick & tired of having to explain “No I don’t know that man who just yelled at me just ignore it”
I am fucking sick & tired of telling men I’m married & not interested & being told I’m full of shit.
I am fucking tired of knowing damn well my male coworkers got a $1 raise while I got .50 & was told not to talk about it when I complained.
And mostly I’m just fucking sick at the thought of having to one day teach my girls “how to behave so they aren’t raped” & how to defend them.
That’s why I am marching.

If you’re interested in submitting your story, or in any story relating to love, equality, or just being strange in a society that frowns upon it, please, send us an email. We’d like to hear from you! 


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We’ve got to talk about something.

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Over the years, we’ve worked very hard to maintain an apolitical stance with our company. In general, we really do feel that business and politics should stay separate (kinda like church and state!) For small businesses like ours, the stakes of coming out on one side or another of any issue are extremely high. Abandonment due to political disagreement could crush us, financially (and trust me, we’re NOT rolling in it here. We’re barely wobbling.) That said, the current situation in our country is not one in which anyone should remain silent. We will publicly, as we always have privately, support love. We will support freedom,

That said, the current situation in our country is not one in which we think anyone should remain silent. Things have gotten scary. The truth has no meaning and hate feels as though it has been empowered. This cannot stand.We will publicly, as we always have privately, support love. We will support freedom,

We, at Amalthea’s Attic, will publicly, as we always have privately, support love. We will support freedom, justice, and equality. We will support the hopes and dreams of ALL people, not just the ones born to privilege (and yes, privilege is real and yes, it can be harmful and terribly divisive.) We would love to hear your words, your feelings, your hopes, experiences, and dreams. And we want to share them with others, so, we are reaching out to our fans.

Did any of our fan page followers go to the women’s march? If you did, and you’d like to write a post about it for our blog, please let us know! Did you not go, but have strong feelings about what’s going on from the point of view of the “not so normal?” The Attic is strange, and we’re proud of that. We wave our freak flag and have for 40 years. We want to help you wave yours, too, so that people who may feel alone in a sea of red know, they are not alone, they have friends. Others are out there, and they are there to help.

So Much Going on! FREE HAIR DYE, Discount Swim, and more!

It’s just about the end of August, and this year, it’s going out with a bang. First up, we’ve got our FREE HAIRDYE contest going on, and it ends TOMORROW!

Free Dye Contest

Want that sweet, sweet free hairdye? It’s pretty simple to get. Just head on over to instagram, make sure you follow @amaltheasattic (we’ll check!,) and  repost this pic with #dyevotered or #dyevoteblue. That’s it! We’ll choose  2 winners, 1 red and 1 blue  at random on the evening of 8/31/16 (EST.)

Now, you’ve entered the dye contest, but you want to look AMAZING for the last few weeks of beach weather? Well, rad news, we’ve got a huge 20% off clearance on all swimwear in the Attic!

swim sale

Just use code INSTASWIM at checkout and you’ll get 20% off anything in our swim department! It’s madness!!!

Also, a few stock notes:

We’ve just gotten in a new shipment of Arctic Fox Hair dye, and we’ve added to our 8oz color lineup! (We have ALL colors available in 4oz size, as always.) We’ve also got, in 4 and 8oz sizes the three gorgeous new shades in the AF lineup:


So if you’re ready to travel to never, neverland, and get your fairy mermaid awesomeness on, we’ve got your back. There’s a TON of new stuff coming to the shop in the next few weeks, so be sure to check back often, or you risk missing out on something you might really, really be sad about. And no one wants that.

No one.

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Support Small Business!

As you may know, the Attic is a wee business. We carry a ton of items, and we get them out quickly, but we are still a very small shop, and we’re proud to be able to serve our customers as well as we have over the years. Our customers are AWESOME and we love them. Except a select few.

65610692 (1)

Fraud sucks. It sucks a LOT for everyone, but for small business, it’s absolutely deadly. We’ve been burned a few times in the past, and as a result, we’re pretty ruthless when we have even the slightest suspicion of credit card fraud. When we suspect fraud, we’re gonna call, we’re gonna look into your address, we’re going to do our research, but most importantly, YOUR ORDER WILL NOT SHIP.

I know! You want your stuff NOW! And trust us, we want it out of here NOW. Shipping orders out means making room for new merchandise which means the store can grow and everyone wins. So, what can you do to ensure that your order goes out asap?

  1. Get Verified: Do you have a paypal account? Are you using that account to pay us? We know a lot of you are. If so, make sure your account is verified. It’s not that hard to do! You WILL need a bank account though (however, you do not need to pay with that account! You can use a credit card or your balance if you want!) Here’s a quick “how to verify your paypal account tutorial:

Log into your PayPal account. …

Click the Wallet menu option. …

Click the “Link a bank” button. …

Enter your online banking information. …

Enter your banking account and routing information. …

Wait for the confirmation deposits to appear in your account.

2.  Make sure your billing and shipping info are the same! We know, you want to send a gift sometimes. We all do, and that’s totally cool! Just make sure if that’s the case you include your billing phone so if something looks a little hinkey to us, we can call and check!

3.  Don’t use a hub. Guys, we ship WORLDWIDE. There’s almost nowhere on the globe that we can’t or won’t ship. We LOVE sending our goodies to far off places! So, there’s no reason to use a hub, we promise, we’ll get it to you, and if you have any questions you can always email us!

So, there you go. There’s a few ways to make sure your order gets out as quickly as possible! No need to fret though, for the vast majority of orders things go VERY quickly, but because we’re small, when we get a weirdly enormous order from a strange place with a non-matching billing address? We’re gonna hold that one up. We love you guys, we do.

See? That’s our love in bat form. That’s how you know it’s real. But we also love our store, so we have to protect it, and we’re sure you all understand.


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