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What To Do With That Spare 9k You have Lying About

So, you’re sitting around with 9 thousand dollars and you just can’t figure out WHAT you’re going to do with it. Sure, you could pay off some bills, or put something away for a rainy day. I mean, you COULD do that, but you know what you might enjoy more?

Purchasing this AMAZING sterling silver bat necklace by easy seller  Miyu Decay.

It’s stunning, but I don’t really have to tell you that, do I? No, no I don’t. Perhaps the best part about it is that when you’re not wearing it (which, lets be honest, is going to be about 99% of the time. Yes, it’s stunning, but it’s also quite fragile)  it’ll look absolutely fantastic in a display case.

Now, if your budget isn’t QUITE in that range? Well, you can always check out the Attic! Sure, we don’t have handmade, sterling silver, fruit bat skeletons, but we DO have a lot of other awesome goodies that won’t negatively impact your credit score…

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How Lazy Am I?

So lazy! All I had to do was make my bed and then I could share with you how the magical wallpaper turned out. So, today, it’s gross out and I’ve made my bed, and, here you go!

Ta da! There it is. The magical wallpaper in my magical bedroom with my magically lumpy bed, because I’m STILL to lazy to make it lie right. Awesome? Awesome. Now we just have to hang up some more of our art. Sadly, framing is just insanely expensive. All we have up now is that Alex Pardee print, but, I assure you. More things are coming. Anyone have any ideas? I’m always open to decor ideas.

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Oh Hi, Awesome Tights I Can’t Afford!

I’m minding my own business, cruising around online, trying not to nap and I come across THESE horribly wonderful tights.

How about you put those arrows right in my WALLET?!

Are those not adorable? I want them. But they’re $67 at the moment. I can’t do it, I just cannot. Plus, we’re looking at upwards of $45 in shipping. They’re made by Les Queues de Sardines, and they’re only one of the absolutely amazingly beautiful tights designs they stock. They’re all lovely, whimsical, turn yourself into art type things that I just can’t swing, but if santa paid a visit to your bank account this year, go crazy. And let me know how they feel. I hope they’re terribly itchy; mostly because I’m bitter.

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