A Blast From The Past

Amalthea fun fact: I am, by trade, a writer. And by trade I mean, that’s what I’ve got my degree in. On occasion, I even write something I’m not being paid to do. Mostly short stories, though, like every other writer, I’ve got a novel in my back pocket and one day I’ll pull that one out and wow you all. Anyway, this foolish morning, I woke 5 hours after having gone to sleep with the first paragraph of a short story in my head (nothing more than that, but it was enough to annoy me fully awake.) So I got up out of bed to write the thing (usually I try to just go back to sleep and murder said idea into dreams, but not today) when I realized that the paragraph wasn’t the only thing stuck in my head.

Every year starting in about October and running through January or so, I have a song stuck in my head as well. It’s short, just 30 seconds in total, but it is forever in my mind tied to all things that do not suck about the winter. So, because I’m up so early, I thought I’d share it with you. This will clearly expose exactly how old I am, and I don’t much care, the song is too full of cheer and wonderment to allow my concern for such nonsense. And so, without further delay…

It’s the Toys R Us Time Of Year.

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