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Hair Dye News

As you all know, we’ve been fans of Special Effects Hairdye for a very long time. We’ve done our best to provide it to our customers, however, over the years, we’ve had more and more difficulty with the supplier, in terms of delays, and irregular production schedules. This has caused us, and our customers, some amount of grief, and for that, we apologize. While some things are out of our control, who we work with as a supplier is not one of those things. To that end, we are going to be switching up our supply lines.

We will still be carrying products from Manic Panic, as we have since we first opened. Their products are stellar (particularly their amplified line, which we’ve personally been using for several months, and they have REALLY upped their game as far as staying power!) and their customer service for distributors, and, in extension, you guys, is great. The big change is that instead of re-upping our order on the Special Effects colors that are available (after 9 months of hiatus, they’re still telling us “maybe two months” before some of the most popular shades are back) we’re adding a new brand to the Attic, Arctic Fox Hair Color.


Arctic Fox currently comes in 14 gorgeous shades, as well as a diluter, which, when mixed with standard shades allows you complete control of your color from pastel to jewel tone.



Cosmic Sunshine

Cosmic Sunshine





Isn’t that yummy looking? Yeah, exactly. And, if that’s not enough, Arctic Fox is a 100% vegan & cruelty-free, long-lasting, semi-permanent color line that gives 15% of profit to charity to help save animals in need and prevent animal abuse. Want some now? Yeah, we thought so. Just head on over to the Attic, and pick some up! We’ll be shipping as of July 12!

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Time To Get In The Swim!

Summer is here, and even Goth and alternachicks want to hit the beach or the pool. Don’t worry guys, when the weather heats up and you just gotta swim, we’ve got you covered in some of the most awesome bathing suits you’ll ever see! New to the Attic this month we’ve got some absolutely gorgeous, and flattering, swimwear including:

Purrfect Leopard Print Monroe Swimsuit

Purrfect Leopard Print Monroe Swimsuit

Anatomy One Piece Swimsuit

Anatomy One Piece Swimsuit

Baroque Skulls Monroe Swimsuit

Baroque Skulls Monroe Swimsuit

Anatomy Bikini

Anatomy Bikini

Electric Skeleton Monokini Bathing Suit

Electric Skeleton Monokini Bathing Suit

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, we’ll see you guys on the beach!

We have returned!!



Well, kids, it’s finally happened. We’re BACK! The store is open, new merchandise has arrived, and we’re shipping out daily, and ON TIME! WOOOO!!!

We’ve got approximately a billion new products, we’ve got a new hair dye supplier, and so much more is going on, you won’t believe it. We’ll be updating much more often now, giving you the skinny on all the new stuff we’ve got, sales, and other good stuff.

For now, know that we’ve currently got FREE US SHIPPING on orders of $15 and up, and we’re on instagram at @amaltheasattic. We hope you’ll join us there, give a follow, and say hello!

Thanks for staying with us through this extremely long hiatus, and we hope you all enjoy the new things we’ve brought to the Attic!



For those wondering how the medical leave went:
I did have my bone marrow transplant. Some lovely gentleman, who I have not yet been in contact with (there’s rules, perhaps someday we will be able to connect) had the kindness to donate some of his stem cells, and on November 19th, they were transplanted into me. The transplant went relatively smoothly, and at present, I’m coming off of anti-rejection drugs. My counts are good, my lungs are a bit better, and my pulmonologist has said that, at present, a lung transplant is off the table. This makes it easier to carry all of your orders on the stairs. It’s a good deal. 


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World Fantasy, International Horror Guild, and Bram Stoker Award-winning author Joe Hill turns his attention to a legend—Tales From The Darkside.

Originally planned as a reboot for the storied series, Hill’s scripts for these never-broadcast television episodes allow the New York Timesbestselling author to stretch his creative muscles, his effortless mastery of the twisted subject matter…

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A major Attic announcement

As many of you know, Amalthea’s Attic is a tiny store; generally a one person show, with a few extra helpers on occasion. Because of this, health can be a bigger issue than I’d like, particularly when my shop is a spoonie run establishment. That said, I would like to let you all know that the Attic is going on hiatus for several months starting in September. I will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant in an attempt to cure a life-long immune disorder, and to stave off my eventual need for a lung transplant. This will require chemotherapy, radiation, and, unfortunately, moving out of state for approximately 5 months while undergoing treatment. This has been a hard decision, but the fact is that no one can run this store but me, it’s not feasible, so I’m shutting down shipments as of September 1, and I am very much hoping to re-open in the New Year. I hope you’ll all come back and help me start this up again. I love this store, and I love my customers. You’re all absolutely awesome, and it’s been lovely to meet so many of you online.

Before we close our doors, we’re going to try to get rid of as much merchandise as possible, while still allowing us to possibly re-open in January. To that end, right now, if you use code BREAKTIME at checkout, you’ll get 35% off your order (everything except dye, which stores well!) and free shipping on orders over $20. We hope you’ll take advantage and get some holiday shopping done now, and we hope that when we’re back in business, you’ll come back to shop with us. Thank you so much.

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Guys, it’s CRAZY here in the Attic. A lot has happened this week, most notibly, a small warehouse fire AND a delivery of our overdue dye colors! The sum of it all is this:
Some orders, OF HAIR DYE, have begun to go out! We’re doing the best we can, because we are not allowed in most areas of our warehouse, but things ARE happening. Check your inboxes for tracking numbers.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Your order is going to look a little weird. Almost all of our shipping supplies were destroyed, but in the interest of getting you guys beautiful again, we’re shipping in whatever we can find!

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience through all of this!

Finally, don’t forget,  we’re giving you FREE US Shipping on orders of $35 and up through the end of February, so if you’re planning to shop, now is THE TIME!!!

Please remember to visit our Facebook fan page for up-to-the-minute sales and stock updates, and can even login with Facebook too! What more could you ask for?

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Family Don’t End With Blood

IMG_20141229_194248 (2)

I don’t know what it is about the Supernatural fandom, they are so creative and enthusiastic, not unlike Harry Potter fans.  They have the loyal dedication of Brown Coats and the zeal of Whovians, but there is an actual sense of community that they create that makes them stand out, even the actors interact with their fans like they are a part of this world, and they are.  I stumbled upon this group of amazing people at a time when I was at my lowest, recently diagnosed with Lupus and dealing with the isolation of chronic illness. They accepted me with open arms, filled my social media feeds with inside jokes, inspirational quotes and made me feel less alone…like family.

As a creator, I have shied away from the fangirl status focusing more on creating than consuming, it had been awhile since I had a total fangirl obsession… then came Supernatural.

It  seemed harmless enough, a show about demons and monsters. I was already a fan of Buffy, Lost Girl,  Anita Blake and Hellblazer, anything involving mythology and/or occult would keep me amused.  I figured since I was an experienced fangirl, I’d be prepared to not over do it.  Long Story  short,  I am now in several fan groups, have a Dean, Sam & Cas sitting on my desk at work, and have written fan fiction for the first time in thirteen years.

Recently our Supernatural family experienced a crisis, rumors spread around that some asshat cyber-bullies attacked fans encouraging them to self harm and even commit suicide. A sick and cruel act purposefully directed at those who were at low points in their lives.

If we were dealing with any other group of people, this incident would have severely damaged my faith in humanity, but outpour of love, support and pride renewed it in a way I never thought possible. Like a massive army they gathered around each other and sung loud and proud that Family Doesn’t End with Blood.  Those words boldly scribbled across their arms they reminded the world what community means, every person matters and every person is loved.  Those who know me, know I scoff at sentimentality,  but this outpour of love and defiance against these douche nozzle  haters made me tear up a bit.

Middle and High School wasn’t kind to me. A lonely, awkward alt girl who never fully got the hang of muggle fashion, social grace, much like my boobs, completely eluded me during adolescence.  My livejournal was chock full of angst, pain and longing for acceptance.

I considered myself rather resilient, I knew who I was and wasn’t about to change for anyone.  I didn’t think I was weird, I was just being myself, but  after awhile bullies took their toll, even the kids who weren’t outright nasty to me avoided me in fear of being the next target.  I had to eat lunch in the guidance office because my mere existence caused too much disruption because kids would throw food, books and chairs at me.  I have since distanced myself  emotionally from those times. Looking back that level of abuse would have been hard for an adult, let alone a sensitive twelve or thirteen year old girl. Despite a few attempts to end my pain, I survived those years…mostly thanks to the internet

The internet in the late 90s was a beautiful thing for nerds. Having few kindred spirits at school, it was the one place I could connect with others like me.  It was my safe place where I could be me without worrying about getting spat on or gum smeared in my hair. I discovered the secret world of sci-fi conventions,  Dungeons & Dragons and endless fandoms.  It was a supportive, accepting community of misfits and I’m not sure I would have survived those years without it.

I am now an adult, an empowered albeit still slightly awkward alt girl who creates worlds inspired by the ones I discovered in my community of fellow geeks, freaks and nerds.  In a society where freak and geek is sheik, I would often think ‘wow these kids have it so easy these days’. Now I’m not so sure.  Our little haven from the ‘norms’ is no longer safe.  The internet went from a wonderful place where everyone could be themselves to a place where being yourself makes you a target for aggression and hate.

Things would seem pretty desperate, these bulies, the new world order, are  much like the leviathans in season 7.  How could you defeat an enemy so elusive, so twisted?  Supernatural fans know that no matter how helpless, you still need to fight the good fight, stand up against darkness at all costs. We know that banding together is the only way to defeat these giant  bags of dicks and keep the internet safe for people to be themselves.

My final thoughts on this are on the thirteen year old girl, crying alone in the school bathroom with the few torn up pieces of her sketchbook she managed to rescue from the garbage can while a bottle of Tylenol ate a hole in her stomach.  I see her in these new kids growing up with no safe places to be themselves. I want to tell them, it gets better. You have a family that wants to protect you from the bags of dicks be they people, illness, depression or just hard times.  This fandom is your safe place.

This is AWESOME.


So, you’re at home, or in the office, but what you REALLY wish you were doing is playing with adorable cats. We hear you. And now, there’s a solution! Enter: iPet Companion!

(Check it out here)

This insanely amazing site lets you PLAY WITH SHELTER CATS!! How cool is that? You just go to the site, click to get in line, and when it’s your turn, you have the choice of feather toys, laser toys, and other goodies to keep shelter kitties, and you, entertained! Sound like fun? Yeah, we think so too. Enjoy.

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