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Arctic Fox Recipe Of the Day! FIRE!

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.23.57 PM

Pic courtesy of Arctic Fox’s Instagram

It can’t be denied, this hair color combo is GORGEOUS! Modeled by @gass.y this shade is made by mixing Arctic Fox dye in Poison, Wrath, and Sunset Orange. It’s absolutely stunning and applied brilliantly. With Arctic Fox, this color is going to last and last. Want your own? We’ve got it in stock right now! 

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Bats are just awesome.

So, it’s pretty obvious that here in the Attic, we’re big fans of bats. Why? Well, they’re extremely cute, super useful (if you hate being attacked by flying insects) and they’re one of the more interesting animals you have a good chance of encountering in your nightly life (unlike that weird person in the club who seems glued to the pole. What are they DOING, anyway?)

To show some of our love, and to help you show yours, we’ve got a TON of swank duds for bat lovers! And when you’re done drooling over  all those goodies, you should take a few minutes and check out some awesome things you may not know about bats!

First up, we’ve got a TON of awesome bat socks!

spso21_modeled 12795 11101

Done with toes? How about your fingers! Check out these awesome bat nail wraps!


Want some bats on your ears? Look at our Gone Batty earrings!


We’ve got clothes for bat lovers too. Stuff like our racey back tank, sweet Vee tee, and Spooksville swing skirt!

wtra-t-bats wtsw-t-bats_2_ sp_spooksville_bats_swing_skirt_grey_1_2x


Finally, if you’re looking for a little snuggle time, just you and a bat, you might wanna check out this little guy. He’s an uglydoll  bat doll with his own bat doll. You’re not going to get a whole lot cuter than that now, are you?


No, you’re not. And you’re welcome. Now, after you’re done shopping for all the bat gear you crave, check out some awesome facts about our furry little (and sometimes not so little!) friends.

Cool bat facts!:

There are 1,100 species of bats worldwide, making up a quarter of the world’s mammals. There are 40 species of bats in the United States alone, and many of them will swoop down where you can see them clearly, if you toss a cheerio up in the air above your head.

Bats can live more than 30 years and can fly at speeds of up to 60 mph. Sure, people live longer, but we can’t fly at all. Lame.

Bats can find their food in total darkness. They locate insects by emitting inaudible high-pitched sounds, 10-20 beeps per second and listening to echoes. People can also often find their food in total darkness, but only because they’ve taken the same route to the fridge over and over, so many times. Plus, our food isn’t flying around, hopefully.


Many bats eat insects. Bats can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour and often consume their body weight in insects every night, helping keep bug populations in check. In contrast, most humans don’t even eat one mosquito a NIGHT. Sounds like maybe we’re not really pulling our weight in the great battle against mosquitoes.


Other bats eat fruit or nectar and can play an important role as pollinators. There are only three species of “vampire bats”—bats  that live off the blood of animals. None of those species lives in the United States. If something is sucking your blood, it’s either a mosquito, a phlebotomist, or some jerk.

More than half of the bat species in the United States are in severe decline or listed as endangered. In addition to loss of habitat, one of the most dire threat comes from white nose syndrome, a disease that has decimated bats in the U.S. and Canada. The Nature Conservancy collaborated in a recent breakthrough, successfully treating and releasing infected bats. Want to help bats out? Give them a home, and install a bat house!


Some bats migrate south for the winter, while others hibernate through the cold winter months. During hibernation, bats can survive in freezing temperatures, even after being encased in ice; conversely,  many people begin to suffer pain and misery when they can’t find their slippers and the bathroom tiles are cold.

Tesckow coal mine, PA. Greg Turner PA Game Commission 814 237 1432

Most bats have only one pup a year, making them extremely vulnerable to extinction. Bat mothers can find their babies among thousands or millions of other bats by their unique voices and scents, much in the same way you can find your friends at a festival like Burning Man.


Bat droppings, called guano, are one of the richest fertilizers. Bat guano was once a big business. Guano was Texas’s largest mineral export before oil! Even poop is bigger in Texas.


Austin is a seasonal home to North America’s largest urban population of Mexican free-tailed bats, which live beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge. Approximately 1.5 million bats reside there! For your very own guano hat, visit the bridge and hang out for a while!

81ead498e31a3bb00b6e062a9f7a33b2The world’s largest bat is the “flying fox” that lives on islands in the South Pacific. It has a wingspan of up to 6 feet. It is also fuzzy and adorable.
The world’s smallest bat is the bumble bee bat of Thailand, which is smaller than a thumbnail and weighs less than a penny.


Awww! He certainly is the night now, isn't he!

Awww! He certainly is the night now, isn’t he!


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Guys, it’s CRAZY here in the Attic. A lot has happened this week, most notibly, a small warehouse fire AND a delivery of our overdue dye colors! The sum of it all is this:
Some orders, OF HAIR DYE, have begun to go out! We’re doing the best we can, because we are not allowed in most areas of our warehouse, but things ARE happening. Check your inboxes for tracking numbers.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Your order is going to look a little weird. Almost all of our shipping supplies were destroyed, but in the interest of getting you guys beautiful again, we’re shipping in whatever we can find!

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience through all of this!

Finally, don’t forget,  we’re giving you FREE US Shipping on orders of $35 and up through the end of February, so if you’re planning to shop, now is THE TIME!!!

Please remember to visit our Facebook fan page for up-to-the-minute sales and stock updates, and can even login with Facebook too! What more could you ask for?

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This is AWESOME.


So, you’re at home, or in the office, but what you REALLY wish you were doing is playing with adorable cats. We hear you. And now, there’s a solution! Enter: iPet Companion!

(Check it out here)

This insanely amazing site lets you PLAY WITH SHELTER CATS!! How cool is that? You just go to the site, click to get in line, and when it’s your turn, you have the choice of feather toys, laser toys, and other goodies to keep shelter kitties, and you, entertained! Sound like fun? Yeah, we think so too. Enjoy.

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Have Yourself A Wicked Little Gothmas!

Tis the season, or so they say, but what if your season is up October 31st? In 2014 there is no need for any goth guy or gal to feel left out during the ‘other’ holiday season so don we now our goth apparel and decorate the skulls with a sprig of holly.  Here is a guide to the best Gothmas ever!
Face it, you’re not Martha Stewart and you like it that way, so shelf the elves and make way for a little mayhem with your merry making.  Fill those apothecary jars with some deep red and blue ornaments or garland.  So many people change their whole houses for the holidays sticking up hedious and tacky crap, just because it’s Christmas. The key is to incorporate the Christmas into the décor you already have so you still stay true to your style. (Below a little Before & After)

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.54.17 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.54.24 PM

The Victorian age was the birthplace of the Christmas Tree as we know it today, so play that fact up for a more classic gothmas look.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.54.35 PM
You can even get your Gothmas Tree in black! Need more ideas? Who dosen’t love Gothmas Bats?

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.54.57 PM

And you can even send Gothmas cards of the little hellspawn!

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.55.07 PM

Finally, Santa a little too Jolly and safe for your Gothmas? The Nordic tradition of the Krampus is a great alternative!

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.55.16 PM

Instead of a magical elf/man giving presents to good little boys and girls, the Krampus is a demon that whips/devours children who are naughty. It’s pretty bad ass, and a little kinky, and a perfect way to top off your Gothmas celebrations!


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A Request – Don’t Forget The Soda

It’s December. Smack dab in the center of it in fact and because of that, it’s time for just about everyone to encounter at least one holiday party. Here’s a little request straight from Amalthea:


Sure, I could be an adult and just settle for ice water, or a fine mature lady and sip tea all night, but, guess what? It’s supposed to be a party, I’m supposed to be having a good time, and while you’re over there drinking your wine and beer, laughing and giggling over the results of the latest tussle between whatever sports teams that you follow,  I’m just sitting here, over in the corner, alone and thirsty. You know why? I don’t drink! I’m not an alcoholic, and I’m only mildly allergic to wine (yes, I DO have Asian Alcohol Syndrome, and no, I’m not Asian, thanks for asking though) it’s just that ALL ALCOHOL TASTES LIKE COUGH MEDICINE TO ME. I have the palette of a toddler. I just HATE it, and how hard is it for you to pick up a .99 2 liter bottle of no frills cola? Seriously? Yes, I’d prefer Coke Zero or Fanta Zero, or Diet Sierra Mist but at a party, I’m willing to tolerate the calories so come ON, give me some soda!!!
No matter what I say, you’re still going to discuss football, or babies, or any other number of things I’m not really interested in, and that’s fine, go ahead, but while you do, if it’s at all possible, please, just provide me with a childish, carbonated beverage so I can set about to finding someone who likes horror movies and MMA and pretend, just for a moment, that I’ve made a meaningful human connection. How about it, huh?

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A Brief History of Goth Music

The first goth bands came from the punk scene in the late 1970s. Darker and less aggressive, with a similar, but different fashion, the goth scene took hold in England, with punk-goth bands such as The Cure, Joy Division, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Other extremely influential bands include Bauhahus and The Sisters of Mercy. Many of these bands were also classified as new wave, or at least had a few new wave hits with some of their poppier songs in the 1980s. Goth music is a heavy influence on modern-day horror-rock and emo.

The Damned was one of the most theatrical goth bands of the day, with stage performances that looked like a Dracula movie. Female goth makeup was largely influenced by Siouxsie Sioux’s kohl-lined eyes and eye plate-like makeup. Much of the makeup worn was influenced by Egyptian eye makeup, with the rest coming from horror movies and novels such as Dracula.

Once the name “goth” was embraced and established, many more bands found the door open to them. Bands like Play Dead, Danse Society, and The March Violets were finding success with the goths. Much of the music spread by word of mouth or in dance clubs, which was integral to the goth scene. There were also fanzines, and later, magazines, dedicated to goth music and fashion.

Today, it’s even easier to keep abreast of what’s going on with the culture and the music, thanks to the Internet.

In the United States, goth eventually took hold, thanks to bands like Christian Death, 45 Grave, and TSOL. These bands were also pretty punk, early on, though Christian Death’s sound has changed many times over the course of their career. Goth clubs began to open in the United States and the fashion began to catch on, as well.

As time went by, goth changed again, with eclectic bands like Dead Can Dance and The Cocteau Twins coming onto the scene. Mephisto Walz and Clan of Xymox were also very popular and during this time, some of them were lumped in with “alternative” music, in the early 1990s, and had modest hits, as as result. Because of MTV’s “120 Minutes,” which showed all different alternative videos, these bands gained prominence, as did older bands like Bauhaus and Joy Division, who were introduced to a new audience. Bands that benefited from this, but did not go mainstream, include Cruxshadows, Switchblade Symphony, London After Midnight, and Bella Morte. Because more people were aware of the goth scene, there were more clubs and more places to g

At this point, goth and punk somewhat separated, and goth merged with other distant cousins of punk — industrial, synthpop, and EBM. This was a natural progression, as there was already cross over between goth and new wave. In the 2000s, goth itself simple became a mash-up of all of these things, and unfortunately, much of the scene’s popularity began to wane.

Want some cool goth ringtones? Go for it — it’s one of the few accessories you can’t be without.

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Ask The Attic- My House Is A Crime Scene! Help!


What a bloody mess. Photo by Pixie Trash

When hair dye ruins your skin, your house, your very life.

Q- I recently bought Blood Red Special Effects hair dye from you and have a few problems with it.  The dye went on and took to my hair nicely, but I dyed it on Friday (and today is Monday) and already my roots are showing.  Every time I take a shower the dye washes out as if I had put fresh dye on my hair and was trying to redye it.  Because of this, my skin looks like I have a really bad sunburn and I cannot get it to come out.  Also, my clothes are covered in red where my hair touches my shirt, my pillow has turned red, my hair straightener is red, my winter coat (which I have worn only once since dying my hair) is red, and so is a (once) white headband.  My hair touches all of these things when it is dry, so the color shouldn’t be coming out but it constantly does.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can prevent this from happening anymore?

A- Hi there! We have tons of dye tutorials on our blog.You can find them by going to the blog and searching for “hair dye” or just follow this link:

Blood red is the longest lasting red, but it also bleeds for the longest, however, with care (I use this color myself) you can get at least 4-6 weeks of bright color out of it!

Follow up:

Q-That helped a little bit, thank you, but what do you suggest to get it out of everything I own?  I’ve gotten it out of my clothes, but I can’t get it out of my headband, pillow, or coat and I’m afraid of ruining my straightener along with my glasses (I only just realized there’s red on them).  I’m sorry for all the questions, but I usually use Manic Panic and got used to everything that happens when I use that.  Then I decided I wanted to make my hair look like Rihanna’s and my cousin, who I guess knows all of you guys, suggested that I try it and then told me to come to you when I expressed my problem to her.  This is by far my favorite color but I don’t know how to deal with it so it doesn’t get everywhere.

A: For metal and plastics, anything with bleach in it (scrubbing bubbles with bleach) tends to work really well. Fabrics, if you get them quickly, can be cleaned with regular detergent and some oxy clean, otherwise, bleach is the best way to go with those. Keeping a dark dye like this under control requires a bit of behavior modification. Only sleep on dark pillowcases, the constant rubbing and friction in the night is going to stain them with a dye like this (alternately, you can sleep on a towel.) For a headband, avoid light colored bands for the first week or two. BEFORE you step out of the shower, wrap your head in a dark towel (I keep one on a hook in the shower and have an unstained, light gray bathmat, so it does work!) until you’re no longer dripping. When you’re wet, avoid all things white, and just bear in mind that a color like this absolutely, positively WILL run under some circumstances. If you’re looking for little or no maintenance, only a lighter color, or permanent dye is going to get you there. Another not so fun dye fact, the more you bleach your hair, the more ANY color is going to run and the faster it will fade. This is due to damage from the bleaching process so if at all possible, only bleach new growth, never re-bleach already dyed or bleached hair! I hope that helps!

Additionally, something that must be considered with “weird hair” is that there’s absolutely, positively, NO way to get around the “trade off.” You know why Rhianna’s glasses arms aren’t red like mine and yours? Because Rhianna is a millionaire with a ridiculous glasses budget and someone following her around ensuring that the second dye gets on those glasses, they’re replaced (also, I’m not entirely sure she wears glasses, but you catch my drift.) Much in the same way that women in movies are never icky and sticky after sex, and action heroes never have to pee (I’m looking at you, Keifer Sutherland. 24 hours with nary a poop or a pee? REALLY, Sir?) in real life, things are a lot more ugly and messy.

Amalthea fun fact: 2 years ago, I couldn’t take it anymore and dyed my hair jet black. For one solid year, NOTHING I went near was stained! I used white pillowcases and blankets and towels with abandon! My shirt collars were pristine. It was sort of awesome, except that at the end of that year, I felt a bit like I’d given up on life and I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. So about a year ago, I decided to pin down what I hate the MOST about the dying process. It came down to 2 things: Ruined bathroom accoutrements and bleaching. I HATE bleaching. I’m 35 (woah!) and I can’t have fried, frizzy hair anymore, it’s just not cute, so bleaching involves ONLY doing the most recent growth and absolutely NEVER overlapping with touch ups. So, my solution? I go to a salon to get my roots bleached. That’s all they do. I leave there looking like a half bleached drown rat. Sucks for them, rules for me. Also, I am CAREFUL. I have lovely sheets on my bed, but on my side, the pillowcases are black. I have a half red, half white comforter cover. Guess which side I sleep with? My bathrobe is, you guessed it, red. I keep a spray bottle of bleach in the shower and I’m not afraid to use it. But you know what? I have RAD looking hair AND a pale grey bathmat, and that, my friends, is fun hair success.

Got any more tips for dealing with the hair dye mess? Leave ’em in the comments below.

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Ask The Attic- Quick Hair Dye Tips

We get a TON of the same questions about hairdye here at the Attic, so we thought, hey, lets just combine them into one super convenient Q&A, shall we? A: Yes, we shall!

Q: What’s the most important thing I can do to make my dye last longer?

A: We get this one the most. Number one tip? DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY! Don’t do it! And, honestly, even if you don’t dye your hair? Still, don’t wash it every day. You’re stripping oils out that your hair actually LIKES having in there. When you first switch off from daily washing to, lets say, 2 times a week at MOST washing, yes, your hair is gonna look a little grungy. Give it a couple of weeks to retrain itself and you’ll be amazed at how happy it is.

Q: But, Amalthea, I work out! I sweat, I HAVE to wash it!

A: No, you don’t. Trust me, I’m not some kind of crunchy oatmeal dreads girl. When I did have dreads they were 100% synthetic. I’m not advocating stinkin’ up the joint. However, rinsing your hair in warm water after a workout, unless you worked out in a vat of molasses, WILL rinse out the sweat. I’m a huge fan of summer gardening. I know all about sweating and grossness. I use this method and it really does work.

Q: Ok, fine. You win, but when I DO wash it, what should I use?

A: Whatever you want. It’s really not going to make THAT much of a difference. Personally, I use Herbal Essences Color me happy shampoo and I use a variety of conditioners that I rotate between, including Dove Intensive therapy, whatever’s cheap in the store, and the stuff nice n’ easy uses for after you use their box dye. Thanks to my mom’s incredibly short hair, I have this in no short supply, but they do sell it separately in the store, or so says the obnoxious marketing button on each and every tube of the stuff.

Q: How long does YOUR dye last?

A: I use blood red by special effects and generally speaking, my roots are a problem before fading is. I get at least 4-6 weeks in the fall, winter, spring and 3-4 weeks in the summer because I refuse to give up swimming.

Q: Why does the crown of my hair always fade so quickly? The ends seem to last.

A: Hot water. Your hair dye HATES it when you stand in the shower under the hot water just letting it beat on the top of your head. Now, personally, I’d rather be bitten on the face by a zombie than give up hot showers so I find that the best thing to do is TURN AROUND! Let the water beat on your upper back, not your head. You’ll enjoy this just as much after awhile and voila! You’ll have a dark crown.

Q: I hear you just gutted and completely overhauled your bathroom, how can you possibly dye your hair in it?

A: Take your time, keep bleach in the shower with you, and possibly most importantly, keep a dark towel in the shower with you and wrap your hair BEFORE you step out of the shower.

So, that’s the quick tips for the day. Have any questions? Leave ’em in the comments or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

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