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Another Women’s March Story- Meggan Wornek

We’re trying to do our part in the resistance by sharing stories, essays and photos from people who attended the Women’s March, or who simply feel strongly about what’s going on in our country right now. Our freak flags don’t mean we have nothing to say. Quite the opposite. This piece by Meggan Wornek.


The Women’s March made history this weekend across the U.S. and the world, as record numbers of men, women, and children of all different backgrounds came together to bring awareness to situations of social injustice. Many people who were opposed to the Women’s March felt it was just a big temper tantrum because “our candidate” didn’t win the presidential election. While that may be true for some, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say most of the people who marched, marched for much more than just Trump. One thing I heard from an anti-marcher really stuck with me, though. Knowing I had been to the March and that I was in earshot they shouted, “HE DIDNT GRAB ANYONE’S PUSSY HE JUST SAID YOU COULD AND THEN THERES THE BIGGEST WOMEN’S MARCH IN THE WORLD.” Now, let me tell you why we marched. Because it’s NOT just locker room talk. It’s encouragement of molestation and rape and “no doesn’t always mean no.” It’s a painful reminder to the 1 in 3 women who have already BEEN raped. I’ll say it again 1 in 3. As in a third of the women I walked alongside didn’t vote for Trump because they don’t want encouragement of a repeat offense. Because they fear that their rapist will get released after 3 months of his 6-month sentence so they haven’t even told their boyfriends or best friends. Because it paints women as less than, not equal too. Because it IS a woman’s right to choose. Just cuz you may not agree with it doesn’t mean you should take the right away from those that have had and needed that option. Because planned parenthood isn’t JUST aborting babies. They’re doing STD testing, diabetes testing, birth control in every form, support, and counseling and so much more. Because immigrants are people in search of a better life, just like our ancestors before us, and they don’t want to be accused of being rapists and terrorists because they grew up different from us. Because we can’t just cut ties with our allies right now. Have you seen how many people have died? Because love is love, and you should be able to marry the person you love if marriage is the way you choose to celebrate that love. And you should be able to adopt a child even if your partner has the same genitalia as you. Because Trump’s either gonna be the worst thing to happen to America in our generation or the fire to start a revolution. And women deserve a place in the revolution. Because feminism needs to be universally intersectional, or it’s not feminism, it’s just more white privilege. Because women from different backgrounds have had to fight even longer and even harder to be able to fight alongside white women in the first place. And we should’ve been united from the beginning. “And if you’re neutral in situations of injustice you’ve taken the side of the oppressor.” The Women’s March may not change things overnight. Hell, they might not even change soon. But if nothing else we opened the platform for discussion. And maybe, someday this discussion that started for many people on January 21, 2017, could help change the world. The Sister March to the Women’s March on Washington I attended was so beautiful it was breathtaking. Everyone was peaceful and talked to each other like we’d known each other for ages. There were discussions from different viewpoints without anger being brought into the mix when viewpoints didn’t mesh. Different races, cultures, ages, political parties and classes marched together. For what felt like the first time in a long time, we came together. And that’s all we asked for.

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We’re having a “GET WOKE” giveaway!

Amalthea here. Things are rough, kids. I not gonna lie, it’s getting scary out there. Unfortunately, as a spoonie, and just a year out of my transplant, marching isn’t really a physical option right now (erhaps in the future, though, I’ll  have to talk to doctors about it.) So, what’s a freaked out gal who’s worried about the state of things, but who can’t march do to help? Well, if you’re me, and you believe that words are the source of all power, then you have a Get Woke Giveaway.


The rules are simple, make sure you follow us on instagram, @amaltheasattic, repost this image and tag a friend with #wakeandresist. Three random winners will receive a copy of either George Orwell’s 1984 or Animal Farm, or Ray Bradbury’s Farenheight 451. Already have a copy? GREAT, for the love of all that is good, give it to a friend who supports the current regime. Don’t have one yet? READ THEM. While these are meant to be both satire and an urgent warning, it seems that currently they are being repurposed as instruction manuals. This is terrifying, so we’re hoping to spread a bit of information to those who so desperately seem to need it.
The winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day, 2017.

There’s no need to purchase anything to win, you don’t even have to be a customer. This isn’t about selling stuff, this is about resisting the easy slide into fascism. As always, we thank you for any support you do offer to small businesses like ours, but for right now, we’d like to focus on your library more than your wardrobe.

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So Much Going on! FREE HAIR DYE, Discount Swim, and more!

It’s just about the end of August, and this year, it’s going out with a bang. First up, we’ve got our FREE HAIRDYE contest going on, and it ends TOMORROW!

Free Dye Contest

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Want To Help Bats AND Win $750?

Then get crafty! Threadless, the awesome ongoing t-shirt design contest site is holding a Threadless Loves Bats Challenge! Here’s the info:

Your challenge

Create a t-shirt design inspired by bats.

Bats sleep upside down, use sonar ears to see what we cannot, and have inspired the success of superheroes and villains alike. But they’re also in danger of losing their little bat homes. Even though bats keep Earth healthy by pollinating plants, feasting on nasty pests, and spreading seeds, they’re a very misunderstood and endangered bunch. Bat populations are declining almost everywhere.

Your challenge is to create a t-shirt design inspired by bats.

Go batty designing for the little guys because you could help save their lives. 25% of the sale of each tee will go to Bat Conservation International’s efforts to help these furry creatures of the night fight the good fight. Bring to life your love of bats in any way you can imagine. Your design can be spooky, funny, creepy, or scary

So get started already. Stay up all night if you have to. The bats need you!

Up for grabs:

  • $750 cash
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So, get to it! Pull out your design hats and get going! For more info, hit up the Threadless site! And good luck!

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Faces Of Death: This Time It’s Art

Remember back in the days of the indie video shop when you’d pick up Faces of Death, parts 1 through 13 or so and ooh and ahh and cringe with your friends? Yeah, good times. Except for the people in those videos, bad times for them indeed.

Anyway, on an almost totally unrelated note, visual artist Chet Zar will be holding a solo show entitled “Faces of Death,” and it’s opening tomorrow in NYC at the Last Rites Gallery.

Also showing in the gallery will be Craig LaRotonda, and his show entitled “Eternal Consequences.”

The show looks to be an excellent example of macabre art and if you’ve got no plans for this hot, hot, NYC weekend, we suggest you give it a go!

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Amalthea Fun Fact: Asian Flush Isn’t Just For Asians!

So, you all have your tickets for the release party, right? Um, for what? Oh, I’m disappointed. For the Notorious MSG Heavy Ghetto Album Release Party at the Brooklyn Bowl on Friday June 10th! Come ON! It truly is the best $5 you will EVER SPEND IN YOUR LIFE.

Oh, I'm sorry, does this NOT look like fun to you?

Clearly, Notorious MSG are going to play (along with the Hsu-Nami and Runny)  and most likely they’ll be doing some songs from the new album (which is EXCELLENT and something else you should all pick up. Really.) In particular, I’m hoping to hear “Red Tonight” an ode to Asian Alcohol Syndrome (or Asian Flush Reaction, et. al.)

Tell me that song isn’t already caught in your head. Seriously.

So, where does the fun fact fit in? Well, I’m extremely NOT asian and yet, I, too, suffer from this affliction. Luckily for me, I’m not much of a drinker, but yeah, there’s your fun fact. When I drink, I get all red and flush and well, there’s your fun fact! Go me! But more importantly, go YOU, to buy TICKETS to this awesome awesome show!

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Want To Hang Out With Amalthea AND See A Great Show?

Then lets hope you’re going to be in Brooklyn on June 10th! The amazingly talented, and pretty darn adorable (in a manly gangster rapper way, of course!) Notorious MSG are going to be playing their first show in over a year! In case you didn’t notice, I am a HUGE fan of these guys and they put on an absolutely amazing show, so really, you should go. I promise they’ll give you gold. Be at the Brooklyn Bowl on June 11. It’s $5! You can’t get better than that for $5 no matter how hard you try. Seriously.

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Play Dead – You’ll Like It

Out and about in NYC and looking for something to do? Check out Play Dead at the Players Theatre.

What’s the deal with play dead? Well, according to the reviews:

Rooted in the spook show and the seance, with characters drawn from carnival and criminal culture, Play Deadis a trip through American show-biz, spiritualist, and huckster traditions, a journey into the precincts of the eerie, the scary, and the unexplainable, in search of encounters with the dead. In the hands of the inimitable Todd Robbins—who created the show with Teller, the smaller and quieter half of the duo Penn & Teller—serenaded by a player piano, and surrounded (in the appropriate setting of the gently rundown Players Theatre) by a private museum of the dead, we visit with and are visited by a variety of notable deceased, each with his or her own unusual relationship with death: serial child-murderer Albert Fish, carnival geek Congo, sexy medium Mina “Margery” Crandon, and more. By turns darkly comic, pleasurably creepy, and genuinely scary,Play Dead is a wildly entertaining ride.

And really, do you need to hear any more than Teller? I should hope not. I mean, come on, TELLER, people. Teller.

Shows run Tuesday through Sunday and prices run from $50 to $80. For tickets visit the Play Dead website HERE.

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