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Nail Art For Oddballs

Making your nails look cool can be hard. Designs that look good on one hand, tend to look a little sketchy on your dominant hand.

You can get them done professionally, sure, but that can get pricy, and when that first chip happens?

So, you’ll be happy to hear that we have some awesome solutions to your bland nail problems!


They’re called Nailed It!, and they’re amazing. Various styles perfect for every day, or cosplay, they’re super easy to apply, they stay on, chip free, for a good long time, and then they’re just as easy to get off!

Perfect for long, and short nails alike, grab ’em before they’re gone!




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So Much Going on! FREE HAIR DYE, Discount Swim, and more!

It’s just about the end of August, and this year, it’s going out with a bang. First up, we’ve got our FREE HAIRDYE contest going on, and it ends TOMORROW!

Free Dye Contest

Want that sweet, sweet free hairdye? It’s pretty simple to get. Just head on over to instagram, make sure you follow @amaltheasattic (we’ll check!,) and  repost this pic with #dyevotered or #dyevoteblue. That’s it! We’ll choose  2 winners, 1 red and 1 blue  at random on the evening of 8/31/16 (EST.)

Now, you’ve entered the dye contest, but you want to look AMAZING for the last few weeks of beach weather? Well, rad news, we’ve got a huge 20% off clearance on all swimwear in the Attic!

swim sale

Just use code INSTASWIM at checkout and you’ll get 20% off anything in our swim department! It’s madness!!!

Also, a few stock notes:

We’ve just gotten in a new shipment of Arctic Fox Hair dye, and we’ve added to our 8oz color lineup! (We have ALL colors available in 4oz size, as always.) We’ve also got, in 4 and 8oz sizes the three gorgeous new shades in the AF lineup:


So if you’re ready to travel to never, neverland, and get your fairy mermaid awesomeness on, we’ve got your back. There’s a TON of new stuff coming to the shop in the next few weeks, so be sure to check back often, or you risk missing out on something you might really, really be sad about. And no one wants that.

No one.

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Stickers are a problem

So, here’s the thing about stickers. They’re awesome! You see a cool sticker, you just HAVE to have it, right? You buy it, you get all excited, and then, if you’re like me, you put it in a drawer. That’s it. You can’t use it, because once you use it, it’s gone! It’s over for that sticker, and then you never have it again! This is my eternal sticker quandary.

The 80’s were a great time for stickers, because it was perfectly normal to carry around your sticker book. You’d keep them all in the book, show them off, trade them. But they stayed alive! You never had to commit to putting your sticker ON anything permanently. But, time has moved on, and now, stickers aren’t for the faint of heart. Sure, some of you are brave, you’ll put them on your laptops and monitors, cars and lockers, you’ll even put them right on your fridge! You’ll do things with them, share them and show the world your beloved stickers! Unless you’re like me. Then, you just have a great big drawer of stickers that you love, and cherish, and no one gets to see.

Speaking of stickers, The Attic has a crazy number of super awesome stickers that you might wanna take a look at. And maybe buy. And stick in a drawer? Well, that’s up to you.


Candy Sugar Skull

Kitty Crossbones

Kitty Crossbones

Day of the Dead Bride Sticker

Day of the Dead Bride Sticker

Miss Cherry Dead Kitty Sticker

Miss Cherry Dead Kitty Sticker


Live to skate derby sticker

Zombie Hand Kiss Sticker

Zombie Hand Kiss Sticker

Like what you see? We’ve got even more in the shop! So don’t wait, check ’em out now! Your drawers are waiting!

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Cute new stuff!

We just keep getting new goodies into the shop, so be sure to check it out often before it gets away!

Today’s highlight: New jewelry!


Ikarus Ear Wrap


Daughters Of Darkness Ear Wrap


Whispering Fairy Ear Wrap

Not an earring person? Check out these gorgeous wrist cuffs and necklace:

Desmodus Black Leather Bat Wriststrap

Desmodus Black Leather Bat Wriststrap

Black Swan Wrist Cuff

Black Swan Wrist Cuff

Black beaded lace choker

Black beaded lace choker

And we’re adding new clothing as well! Plus more stock on items you gotta have, like that Evil Kitty tee that’s flying off the shelves!

Evil Kitty Cat Top

Evil Kitty Cat Top

Like what you see? There’s more where that came from! Just hit up the Attic!


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Time for new goodies!


We’ve got amazing news for you weird hair kids out there! First up, Arctic Fox dye has landed in the Attic! Arctic Fox is a highly pigmented, 100% vegan & cruelty-free, long-lasting, semi-permanent color line that gives 15% of profit to charity to help save animals in need and prevent animal abuse. We’ve had several customers asking us to carry it, and starting this week, we’ve got all the colors, all the time!

To help make room for all this new dye, you can get 15% off our remaining stock of Special Effects! Just use code SFX2016 at checkout! In addition to the new dye, we’ve got new dresses, tops, skirts, bags, accessories and more! Plus, you’ll get Free shipping on all domestic orders of $25 and up!

Want more reward points on your account? Just send us your customer action shots for our instagram, we’ll give you 500 bonus reward points on your account.

Still not happy? Refer your friends! You’ll get free rewards when they make their first Attic purchase, and they’ll get rewards FOR the purchase. Sharing is caring!

Please remember to follow us on instagram, and visit our Facebook fan page for up-to-the-minute sales and stock updates! You can even login to our shop. with Facebook too! What more could you ask for?

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Time To Get In The Swim!

Summer is here, and even Goth and alternachicks want to hit the beach or the pool. Don’t worry guys, when the weather heats up and you just gotta swim, we’ve got you covered in some of the most awesome bathing suits you’ll ever see! New to the Attic this month we’ve got some absolutely gorgeous, and flattering, swimwear including:

Purrfect Leopard Print Monroe Swimsuit

Purrfect Leopard Print Monroe Swimsuit

Anatomy One Piece Swimsuit

Anatomy One Piece Swimsuit

Baroque Skulls Monroe Swimsuit

Baroque Skulls Monroe Swimsuit

Anatomy Bikini

Anatomy Bikini

Electric Skeleton Monokini Bathing Suit

Electric Skeleton Monokini Bathing Suit

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, we’ll see you guys on the beach!



We JUST got off the phone with Special Effects, and AS OF NEXT WEEK a box will be on its way to us (actually, more likely SEVERAL boxes) and it will contain the following shades:

  • blue freak
  • napalm orange
  • joyride
  • fishbowl
  • wildflower
  • blue mayhem
  • cherry bomb
  • atomic pink
  • electric blue
  • nuclear red
  • deep purple
  • candy apple red
  • iguana green
  • blood red
  • sonic green
  • virgin rose
  • devilish
  • blue velvet
  • pimpin purple
  • cupcake pink

OMG! I KNOW. How exciting is that? Are you SEEING the sonic green and the iguana green? Are you WITNESSING the fish bowl blue and the napalm orange? YES YOU ARE!! So, there you have it kids. We’ve been working overtime to try to GET YOU THESE COLORS and now, it’s GOING TO HAPPEN! As always, backorders will ship in the order they were received and ALL backorders WILL be getting the same goodies and treats as due to new orders placed this month, because you people are AMAZING and you have waited SO long. We THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience. The vast majority of you have been AWESOME about this. We also thank you for shopping in the Attic overall. There’s a lot of stores out there, and we’re just little guys, but we do our best to give you what you want and we thank you SO much for supporting our efforts this past decade!!!

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There’s Good News And Bad News

OMG you guys, seriously.

So, we’re back from our inventory/vacation extravaganza. It was excellent. There were fish and horses and all sorts of tropical wonders.

Media Luna

But now we’re back. We’re packing orders and shipping stuff out. And here’s where the badness starts. After yet ANOTHER call to the Special Effects supplier, the new update is that we’ll be getting our order “in about a week.” We know, this is a nightmare. Trust us when we say that we’re not happy about it either. This is becoming one of those long national nightmares that makes everyone’s hair equally hideous. You see, the way Special Effects works is they don’t have a constant manufacturing process. Every couple of months, they pump out a few colors that have a limited shelf life. Because of this, there are times where the system gets backed up and everyone is doomed to pale streaky locks. It sucks. So what can we do? Well, we’ve decided that because this issue happens at LEAST once a year, if not more often, something has to be done. To help you all out, we’re now stocking some Manic Panic shades and those ship IMMEDIATELY. Which shades? The ones that correspond to the worst hit of the Special Effects line. So you pinky pinks and turquoise kids won’t have to live in pale misery. If you currently have an outstanding order for Special Effects, and you’d like to switch it to MP brand, just let us know. We’ll ship out the Manic Panic version and you won’t be charged the additional fee (MP is $1 more.) No, it won’t be EXACTLY the same shade. However, Hot Hot Pink is a VERY close match to Atomic Pink, and Vampire Red works well for Blood Red. Here’s some examples:

Oh yeah!

Hot Hot Pink

anime hair

Atomic Pink


Blood Red

The hair, with picture slightly oversaturated on purpose

Vampire Red


Sonic Green

Naomi IV

Atomic Turquoise

So, there you go, not an EXACT match, but close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades, no? And the best part is, that we can stock these colors ALL year, without fail. We’ll still be carrying Special Effects, but because we don’t want you guys to have to deal with this kind of wait, we’re going to stock Manic Panic too. These are the Manic Panic Amplified colors, so they DO last longer than standard Manic Panic and they come in the bottles you’re used to, for easier application. You use them the exact same way and you can even use our application tutorial for the best results. So, there you have it. The good and the bad. We’re only doing the even exchange deal until the Special Effects arrive, and once they do, we’ll ship that out immediately. So live fast, and dye your hair, now, with no waiting!

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We’re Back! A Note From The Attic

Guys, holy cats. We had no power FOREVER. Hurricane Irene turned out to be less of a danger and more of a tremendous pain in the ass.


No, I won't destroy your kitchen so you can get an awesome insurance claim AND you have to clean me up! Ha HA!

We’re still in the midst of cleanup, but orders are going out pretty regularly now and we’ll be back up and running with custom work shortly! Thanks for being so patient and for all of the inquiries about how we’ve been making out in the mess. To thank you for all of the customer awesomeness, we’re extending our free shipping deal! All orders of $75 and up get FREE U.S. shipping! In addition, use code FALL10 and you’ll get 10% off ANY order no matter where you live! We’re working on adding our full line of fall merchandise to the shop, so be sure to check in often! And the next blog update, we promise, will be back to your regularly scheduled amusement.

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