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Cute new stuff!

We just keep getting new goodies into the shop, so be sure to check it out often before it gets away!

Today’s highlight: New jewelry!


Ikarus Ear Wrap


Daughters Of Darkness Ear Wrap


Whispering Fairy Ear Wrap

Not an earring person? Check out these gorgeous wrist cuffs and necklace:

Desmodus Black Leather Bat Wriststrap

Desmodus Black Leather Bat Wriststrap

Black Swan Wrist Cuff

Black Swan Wrist Cuff

Black beaded lace choker

Black beaded lace choker

And we’re adding new clothing as well! Plus more stock on items you gotta have, like that Evil Kitty tee that’s flying off the shelves!

Evil Kitty Cat Top

Evil Kitty Cat Top

Like what you see? There’s more where that came from! Just hit up the Attic!


Back to the Attic

Time for new goodies!


We’ve got amazing news for you weird hair kids out there! First up, Arctic Fox dye has landed in the Attic! Arctic Fox is a highly pigmented, 100% vegan & cruelty-free, long-lasting, semi-permanent color line that gives 15% of profit to charity to help save animals in need and prevent animal abuse. We’ve had several customers asking us to carry it, and starting this week, we’ve got all the colors, all the time!

To help make room for all this new dye, you can get 15% off our remaining stock of Special Effects! Just use code SFX2016 at checkout! In addition to the new dye, we’ve got new dresses, tops, skirts, bags, accessories and more! Plus, you’ll get Free shipping on all domestic orders of $25 and up!

Want more reward points on your account? Just send us your customer action shots for our instagram, we’ll give you 500 bonus reward points on your account.

Still not happy? Refer your friends! You’ll get free rewards when they make their first Attic purchase, and they’ll get rewards FOR the purchase. Sharing is caring!

Please remember to follow us on instagram, and visit our Facebook fan page for up-to-the-minute sales and stock updates! You can even login to our shop. with Facebook too! What more could you ask for?

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15% Off Ends Tomorrow!


Tomorrow is the last day to get 15% off your order so don’t miss out! To get your discount, just use code HALLOWEEN at checkout, no matter where in the world you live!
And our big announcement for the week is… THE DYE IS HERE! THE DYE IS HERE!!! That’s right, Special Effects dye is now in stock and shippping! Orders have begun shipping and are going out in the order they were received. If you have an outstanding order and want to add anything, just let us know and we’ll send you out an invoice with no extra shipping added!
We THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience. Just like we said, no tricks, just treats!
We hope you all have a Happy Halloween, and we’ll see you in the Attic!

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We JUST got off the phone with Special Effects, and AS OF NEXT WEEK a box will be on its way to us (actually, more likely SEVERAL boxes) and it will contain the following shades:

  • blue freak
  • napalm orange
  • joyride
  • fishbowl
  • wildflower
  • blue mayhem
  • cherry bomb
  • atomic pink
  • electric blue
  • nuclear red
  • deep purple
  • candy apple red
  • iguana green
  • blood red
  • sonic green
  • virgin rose
  • devilish
  • blue velvet
  • pimpin purple
  • cupcake pink

OMG! I KNOW. How exciting is that? Are you SEEING the sonic green and the iguana green? Are you WITNESSING the fish bowl blue and the napalm orange? YES YOU ARE!! So, there you have it kids. We’ve been working overtime to try to GET YOU THESE COLORS and now, it’s GOING TO HAPPEN! As always, backorders will ship in the order they were received and ALL backorders WILL be getting the same goodies and treats as due to new orders placed this month, because you people are AMAZING and you have waited SO long. We THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience. The vast majority of you have been AWESOME about this. We also thank you for shopping in the Attic overall. There’s a lot of stores out there, and we’re just little guys, but we do our best to give you what you want and we thank you SO much for supporting our efforts this past decade!!!

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Just When You Thought The Dye Crisis Was Over…

It starts again.
Ok, guys, here’s some upsetting news for some of you.  After speaking on the phone with Special Effects this morning, we found out that without warning, they’ve decided to “possibly permanently” discontinue Limelight Green. I KNOW. There’s literally nothing we can do about it, EXCEPT…

Enter Electric Lizard

Manic Panic to the rescue, again. Guys, formula aside, and no kidding, the Amp’d formula IS a LOT longer lasting, lets give Manic Panic points for being AWESOMELY reliable since 7/7/77. Fun story: When Amalthea was a weeee little tot of 13 or 14, she was on vacation visiting a friend from Westchester who had a mom who thought it was ok to let us walk around  Washington Square Park by ourselves. It seemed cool at the time, in retrospect, eh, maybe not. Anyway, we were wandering about when we stumbled upon a group of punks. The girls were extreme. This was the 80’s. Mohawks were tall and there was a lot of plaid involved. They had metal in their faces which, at the time, was REALLY unusual. Neither of us were, how can this be put delicately, remotely cool? We were awkward tweeny 80’s girls who loved hair metal and had not a drop of cool or street cred to our name.

The moment I saw those girls, I knew. That’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be weird. I wanted to look like something otherworldly. I wanted to stick out. This group of punks was the coolest thing a young teen from Long Island had EVER SEEN IN HER LIFE. Seriously. So, I went up to the group (oddly enough, I’d never have the balls to do this now, but I was in a cool trance) and asked them where they got their hair dye.

A tall girl with a ring connecting her nose to her ear and brightly colored streaky hair looked down on me from her plaid tower and said, with a heavy valley girl twinge (Valley Girl was THE thing back then. It’s where the still used extraneous “likes” people can’t stop using came from. Look it up, the more you know!) “ugh, Manic Panic or Ricky’s!” Then turned back to her friends.

My friend and I were on a mission. First stop Ricky’s. Have you seen Ricky’s in NYC? It’s intimidating as hell.

There’s SO MUCH GOING ON. No joke, it’s just too much. We couldn’t handle it. We found a phone booth (because those existed) and looked in a PHONE BOOK, because THOSE existed too, and looked up Manic Panic. They used to have a place in the East Village, so off we went. It was small, and dark and crowded, but we could see the dye in the case and Tish and Snooky were at the counter! We didn’t know it at the time, of course, but it was indeed them. We each picked out plum for our first dye jobs ever. Back then it was just “Plum” not plum passion. One of the ladies, I can’t recall, asked “are you gonna bleach it first?” We blanched. That seemed like a huge deal. Bleaching? That was forever. I told them we weren’t sure. They said “c’mon, chicken, do it!” We ended up just buying the dye, and then changing our minds later and buying bleach from a supermarket later. We did a terrible job, we destroyed my friend’s bathroom. We did a bad job rinsing the bleach, and went to the movies smelling of death and chemicals.  I shaved a good portion of my head right before we did the dye, so when I got back from vacation, my mom was a little overwhelmed with that change. It was a whole big ball of adventure, but in the end, I had a super purple mohawk and it was the dawn of a new day. My entry into the world of fun hair was via the Manic Panic highway, and I love them for that. After plum, I was alpine green, pillar box red and a whole rainbow of shades before switching over to special effects a few years later. I’ve tried many many brands and in the end, these two are the winners. Since Manic Panic changed its formula to amp’d, things have improved, and they’re constantly doing research to improve, and we have no doubt they’ll succeed. So, there you have it, my little Ode to Manic Panic. Ahhh, memories.

Back to the Attic

Clearly, It’s Summer

So, after three days of rain and gloom, it’s summer here in the Attic. Good things are afoot! All special effects hair dye colors are IN and shipping! Woah! I know. Shocking! We even have YELLOW! Woah! I know. Calm down though, it’s a little crazy.

rainbow hair

You *could* go this route, I'm not saying you want to, but you *could.*

And there’s OTHER insanely awesome summer news as well. Remember those amazing bathing suits we had last year? The ones that sold out so quickly that you missed em? Yeah, that was sad. Good news though! We have them again! We’ve got new styles, more stock AND they’ve been recut this year to be a little kinder fit wise!

Goth girls hit the beach too, you know.

So, there you have it, MORE amazing news.

One final bit of news? I’m now known as the crazy chameleon lady in my office, and I DON’T CARE! You’ll all recall that trip to the Reptile Expo a few weeks back. Well, it turned me into a chameleon monster and now I’m in love with Mordrid.

The Next Step

Is it left and THEN right? Curses!

Awww! Isn’t she the cutest? Don’t lie, she is, and you know it. So, yes, dye, bathing suits, AND adorable lizards. What more could you want? Seriously. What else do you want? Let us know, we’ll try and cover it here.

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And Across The Land, There Was A Great Hosanna!

Ok, kids. Today we did our usual “hey, Special Effects, come ON ALREADY!” call (seriously, they’re sick of hearing from us and to be quite honest, we’re sick of being THIS annoying to a supplier.) Thus far, for MONTHS it’s been “it’ll be a few weeks, it’ll be a few weeks.” It’s a nightmare on both ends, and our customers are walking around looking like dye zombies; pale, streaky and moaning for “colorrrrrrrrr.”

horrific hair!

Dude, seriously, I am DYING for DYE HERE!

It’s so sad all around, it’s just brutal. However, TODAY was different. TODAY the call went in and lo and behold, the woman on the other end said the phrase “ship date!” “What’s that?” I said (it was me on the phone!) and she said, oh, yes, we have a ship date, let me check where The Attic is in the queue. There was the shuffling of papers on the other end and she exclaimed “oh! You’re DEFINITELY at the front of the line!” I nearly shrieked in joy at the poor woman. Now, the ship date is the 12th. That’s 8 days. They’ll send it to us and we should have it shortly thereafter. Until the MOMENT that dye arrives, we’re willing to honor the Manic Panic switch out offer mentioned in the previous entry, but otherwise, we’ll ship out those orders STAT. We’ll spend all day packaging and getting ’em out.  You CAN DO THIS people. Personally, just the idea of an actual date makes me feel better. Now is the time to be strong! Now is the time to plan! Pick out your date. Decide on the day you’ll re-emerge into the world as a freshly dyed vixen! Get prepped! Make sure you have enough bleach and crappy towels! Plan an entire day of beauty, a spring awakening! It’s going to be GREAT. You know it is. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it CERTAINLY makes the dying more exciting. So, there you go. It’s COMING. It really, really, really is. I heard it straight from the supplier’s mouth. It is coming, and it is coming soon. And the best part? We will have every damn color on earth at that point! So, yay on that.

Ok? Ok. So, take a deep breath, start your planning and be still, knowing that dye is on the way.

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Good News For Turquoise Fans!

Good news, kids! You can now get those dark turquoise dreads you’ve been wanting from Amalthea’s Attic! We’ve got in a supply and there’s more coming, so if you want some, order ’em now! You can also get dark turquoise in custom falls. As you know, there’s a waiting time for production when you get customs, so if it’s REALLY killing you to wait, be sure to check out what we’ve got available in pre-made sets!

Next entry, more fun stuff!

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The Dye, She Has Arrived!

Ok guys, our long national nightmare is over and you should all have, if not your dye, then at least the tracking number for your Special Effects Dye orders. I think we can all agree that the delay was nuts, but seriously, nothing could be done. The supplier fell way behind so no one was getting anything! We even got a couple of emails from some very nervous people who had heard a rumor that Special Effects was shutting down completely! But, no, rest assured, they are not so you’ll all be safe in your rainbow headed glory, and if you were waiting to put in an order, now’s the time to head on over to the Attic.  To celebrate I think we should declare the first week of February to be National Rainbow Head Week, what say you all?

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