How’s everyone doing?

Historically, this blog has been a place to hawk our various wares, talk about hair, tv, and sometimes even zucchini, but right now, it’s getting hard to be pithy.

We’re spending a lot of time like this.

Honestly, it’s ugly. So what can you do to keep current on what’s going on, and yet, not end up like Bender.

  1. Stay informed, but not overwhelmed.
    You want to know what’s going on, but the news of late is like a psychic vampire, sucking your will to live. We get it! Try digesting in bites. Sites like “What the fuck just happened, today?” will give you the daily rundown without weighing you down with so many details you’ll start flailing. It’s important to stay informed, but that doesn’t mean you have to focus to the point of madness. You’re looking for a happy medium here.
    Like Mr. McGregor.
  2. Find out what you can do locally
    Marching is great (do it peacefully, kids. They’re just ITCHING to call in the national guard, don’t give any reason why that shouldn’t seem wildly overblown) but not everyone can, or even should participate. We all have to do what’s right for ourselves first, and then help take care of everyone else. Put on your OWN oxygen mask first. That said, you’re itching to do SOMETHING, so what can you do? Try these things on for size:

    1. Contribute to organizations that will oppose Trump. While groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Anti-Defamation League, the Sierra Club, and Planned Parenthood, have reported a surge in donations and volunteers, that surge will only last so long. It’s going to take committed, ongoing support to keep these valuable resources available to those most in need. Given the nature of his Cabinet picks, and the scale of the Republican Party’s ambitions in rolling back the welfare and regulatory state, the battle ahead is likely to be long and bitter, waged on local, regional, and national fronts.

    2. Support independant journalism. Print is dying, and with it, are the budgets to pay for quality reporting that maks America what it should be. Freedom of the press is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to a free society. So consider subscribing to the publications that are taking a stand for freedom. The New York Times, Washington Post, and magazines like Vanity Fair and, surprisingly, Teen Vogue, are providing excellent journalism and in order to continue that trend, will need support in the form of subscribers.

    3. Contact your congressman and senator and tell them to stand up to what the majority of Americans believe in. The U.S. Capitol provides a strong line of defense against the erosion of democracy. As the new Administration continues to propose and attempt to execute a more and more reactionary agenda, it will be up to legislators that are both democrat AND republican to ensure that the president does not use the white house as his personal pocketbook, that weak are not crushed, and that civil rights are not rolled back. Finding your representitive is as easy as entering your zip code. 

  3. Try to hold it together.It’s really hard not to wake up yelling and go to sleep crying, we get it, but screaming at our neighbors and cutting off EVERYONE you disagree with on facebook might not be the best way to move forward. Self-care is key. When you need it, take a break from the tv and the internet. Read a book! An educated populace is harder to control. To help you with that, why, we’ve got a giveaway going on through Valentine’s Day RIGHT NOW.
    Share concepts and ideas with people, instead of just screaming opinions. Find the middle ground and work out from there.

There are more good people than bad. We’re convinced of this no matter how terrible things sometimes seem. Just hang in there. Eat a cupcake, listen to music, plant a garden and wait for it to bloom. We’re stronger than all of this, and we can get through it.

That’s all we’ve got for today, but that’s ok, too.


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