It’s been a while!

As you know, this is a tiny operation. Largely a one-man show, and I, being that man have about 19 other jobs, so Attic stuff (not orders, but social media things) sometimes fall by the wayside. But we’re back with the blog here and figured hey, you might wanna know about our Holiday Schedule.

We will be shipping for the Attic through the Christmas Holiday, so if Santa gives you the bone, and there’s something you REALLY wanted, we’ve got your back.

Come January, we’re taking a BREAK! We’re going to Cali on January 5th to visit the best chick we know, Jenn Rose of Cetonia Designs.

She makes awesome stuff like this!

We’ll be touching insects and going to Disney and Reptile shows and all in all, having a rad time. Pictures to come!

We’ll be back to shipping on January 15th, so if you NEED something from us, and you’ll die without it, your best bet is to put in that order in either before January 4th, or after the 15th.

Seriously, we need a break. It’s too stressful on this planet.

We’ll return shortly with new blog posts, stuff we’re getting in stock, and other such goodies, so stay tuned, kids!

We’ve missed you!

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