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I know! You guys thought we’d veered off into politics forever! Nope, just sometimes. The world is scary, and we have feelings about it. But you know what else we have feelings about? YOUR QUESTIONS!

So many questions, mostly about hair dye.

So many questions, mostly about hair dye.

Seriously, the idea of you guys being kept up at night by hair dying questions leaves us cold. So, we’re going to do a bit of a Q&A roundup of all the questions we’ve been getting over the past few (very very busy) months.

Q: Can I apply Manic Panic (or Arctic Fox, or any other similar dye) directly to the scalp?

A: Yes you can, however, you’re going to dye your scalp. This can take a while to wear off depending on the brand you use. We’ve found that Manic Panic and Special Effects seem to dye the scalp for a very long time, while often, Arctic Fox rinses off the skin with the very first wash. This can be different for everyone, depending on the oiliness of the scalp and other variables, so your mileage may vary.

Q: Can I dye my hair when it’s dirty?

A: If you’re using a permanent dye that utilizes a developer, yes! You absolutely can, and it can even protect your hair a bit from drying. If you’re going to be using Arctic Fox, Manic Panic, Special Effects or any other non-developer dye, the short answer is no. The long answer is, read this blog post, and you will be a LOT happier with your results.

Q: Can I just put my hair dye on my hands and rub it all over? Do I HAVE to do it piece by piece?

A: Full disclosure here: Yeah, you totally can, but you have to be REALLY aggressive about getting it all over and you REALLY want to have a spotter for those behind-the-ears and nape-of-the-neck spots. When you call your spotter over, they’re not going to be able to be a passive observer. Rather, remember those lice checks your school nurse did in elementary school? Yeah, they’re going to do it like that. They’ll want to take a pick, or a comb, and move all the hair over on each part of the hair and MAKE SURE you’ve gotten everything. This is MUCH less important if you’re doing a re-dye (no new bleaching.) But if you HAVE done any bleaching, this is really important, or you’ll end up with those high contrast yellow patches that look good on just about no one.

Q: Can I use Arctic Fox (Manic Panic, Special Effects, etc.) on damp hair?
Q: How can I make Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, Special Effects, Crazy Colour, etc. last longer?

A: Again, read this post, and you’ll have all the answers you need on those questions!


That’s it for today! If you have any questions you want the answers to, about hair dye, or any other weird stuff you need help with (heck, we’re even pretty good at advice!) Drop us an email, or leave a comment. We hope you’ll check out our shop, visit our Instagram, and all the other fun stuff we’ve got going on!


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