Negan, really, ladies?

Every so often, I’ll hit up a horror or comic con, and I’ve noticed something odd with the cosplayers of late.

There are a LOT of women dressed up as Negan, from The Walking Dead.

Yeah, that guy. I gotta say, ladies, I’m utterly baffled by this choice. Negan is an unrepentant* asshole and generally an unpleasant guy. He’s just not even a good anti-hero. Freddy Kreuger is a child molesting mass murderer and I’d STILL rather hang out with him at a party than Negan. Leatherface can’t even really TALK and I’d rather have him to tea (some of his family members, I could even have fun with. (I’m lookin’ at you, chop top!))

But, Negan is just alpha male gone rabid. He’s SO GROSS. He’s got this “oh, I respect women, I just like to keep them in a terrified harem of rapeyness” thing going on, and the DESPERATE desire for attention that borders on infantile. He’s the kind of guy that in the days before zombies screamed “bitch, I love you! Fuck you! Why don’t you love me?” He’s a mess.

What is the deal? I don’t see the allure. Honestly, I don’t see the allure of anyone on the show at this point, perhaps it’s just overstayed its welcome. I feel like I can smell Daryl from my couch and Rick has spent approximately 20 minutes over the past TWO SEASONS not completely dripping wet. He’s moldy at this point. Michonne is a brave woman to jump into that particular mildew pool.  I’ve lost the ability to care about these people. I’d almost like to see them shoot about 25 years ahead and go on with a Carl side story. Some of the characters would be there, sure, but some wouldn’t anymore, and you could do flashbacks, that I might care about, maybe?That might reinvigorate things, but as it stands, I’m watching because I’ve been watching. I’m throwing good time after bad.

And, you know, by all means, dress up as whomever you like. If you REALLY dig Negan, go for it. I can’t see it, but, hey, that’s what makes the world go round. Just, if you could take a moment, and let me know in the comments, WHAT IS THE DRAW HERE?

Even when he REPENTS he doesn’t repent. He’s a whiny bitch.


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