A Customer’s Post on the Women’s March on Washington, by Dani Madden

This post was submitted by Dani Madden. We’re currently collecting stories from our customers, and supporters, on what the March means to them. The Attic is a strong supporter of the WMOW, and the Resist movement in general. Now is not the time for silence, it’s time for us all to stand up and be heard.

So many people are thinking the Women’s March today is all about Trump which it’s not. So I thought I’d share why I am marching today.
I am marching because I am fucking sick & tired of walking down the street with my toddler girls & being cat called even though I am wearing an ankle length skirt & plain tshirt.
I am fucking sick & tired of having to explain “No I don’t know that man who just yelled at me just ignore it”
I am fucking sick & tired of telling men I’m married & not interested & being told I’m full of shit.
I am fucking tired of knowing damn well my male coworkers got a $1 raise while I got .50 & was told not to talk about it when I complained.
And mostly I’m just fucking sick at the thought of having to one day teach my girls “how to behave so they aren’t raped” & how to defend them.
That’s why I am marching.

If you’re interested in submitting your story, or in any story relating to love, equality, or just being strange in a society that frowns upon it, please, send us an email. We’d like to hear from you! 


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We’ve got to talk about something.

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Over the years, we’ve worked very hard to maintain an apolitical stance with our company. In general, we really do feel that business and politics should stay separate (kinda like church and state!) For small businesses like ours, the stakes of coming out on one side or another of any issue are extremely high. Abandonment due to political disagreement could crush us, financially (and trust me, we’re NOT rolling in it here. We’re barely wobbling.) That said, the current situation in our country is not one in which anyone should remain silent. We will publicly, as we always have privately, support love. We will support freedom,

That said, the current situation in our country is not one in which we think anyone should remain silent. Things have gotten scary. The truth has no meaning and hate feels as though it has been empowered. This cannot stand.We will publicly, as we always have privately, support love. We will support freedom,

We, at Amalthea’s Attic, will publicly, as we always have privately, support love. We will support freedom, justice, and equality. We will support the hopes and dreams of ALL people, not just the ones born to privilege (and yes, privilege is real and yes, it can be harmful and terribly divisive.) We would love to hear your words, your feelings, your hopes, experiences, and dreams. And we want to share them with others, so, we are reaching out to our fans.

Did any of our fan page followers go to the women’s march? If you did, and you’d like to write a post about it for our blog, please let us know! Did you not go, but have strong feelings about what’s going on from the point of view of the “not so normal?” The Attic is strange, and we’re proud of that. We wave our freak flag and have for 40 years. We want to help you wave yours, too, so that people who may feel alone in a sea of red know, they are not alone, they have friends. Others are out there, and they are there to help.

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