Quick tip- The Last Bit Of Dye In The Bottle

We’re cheapskates here in the Attic, we admit this freely, so we know the pain of tossing out that last bit of dye. Plus, with the irregular shipping schedule for Special Effects dye, you want to make sure that the stuff you do have lasts as long as humanly possible.  So, what’s a person to do when there you are, with your *almost* empty bottle of special effects (or other, similar product) hairdye, and it’s absolutely killing you to throw it out? You’ve curled your finger inside, you’ve stuffed your ends inside the bottle, and swirled them around but still, there’s some left. How can you save it, and, if you do, is there even enough to use? The answer is yes!

This tip will not only help to make that bottle of hair dye last longer, but it’ll keep your color bright for a little bit longer too! Magic!

The first step to doing this, is to asses the conditioner you use. If you use something thin and liquid, like Alberto V05, you’re set right away.

Alberto V05, thin, cheap, and very useful.

If you use something like Aussie Moist, or 3 Minute Miracle, you’re going to need to thin it down.

Aussie, super thick, smells good, cute kangaroo logo.

First step, turn your hairdye bottle right side up and let what’s left settle to the bottom. This will make it less likely that you have overflow and get dye all over the place. Next, if you’re using a thick conditioner, open of the top of the dye put a little bit of water in the bottle. You just need a couple of tablespoons here. Nothing crazy! Now, re-cap the bottle, VERY tightly, and give it a good shake. Let it settle back to the bottom again. Now, all you have to do is squeeze about an inch of conditioner into the dye bottle. Do this SLOWLY. If you do it too quickly, it’s going to clog up the neck and overflow and bleh, what a mess. If you’re using a thin conditioner, just skip the water step and go right to the squeezing! Now that you’ve got that conditioner in the bottle, close it back up and give it a really good shake until the color and the conditioner are all mixed together. Got it? Good! Now, once a week or so, you’re going to use this lovely mix after you wash your hair.Doing this, will REALLY make your dye last. The best part of this method? When there’s still a little left, you can just repeat the process. Eventually, you’re just going to have conditioner in the bottle, no dye. But that’s ok, that’s what you were doing before anyway, and now you don’t have to have that horrible “ug, I spent SO MUCH MONEY on this dye and now I’m throwing it away!” feeling.

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One thought on “Quick tip- The Last Bit Of Dye In The Bottle

  1. merlinsmomtwh Post author

    The adding the remainder of the dye to the conditioner was genius! My bleached roots were starting to turn pink, I took this mixture and smeared it all in and combed it through and let it sit for about 3 hours then I showered and just rinsed it and the color is back. awesome. also with it thinned down i don’t have to wear gloves as it washes off my hands and the spots on my face really easily.

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