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Just When You Thought It Was Safe

to declare your tree “decorated,” along comes etsy seller Imoonraini to RUIN YOUR DAY.

Thanks, Jerk. Now I have to buy you. Greeeeeaaat.

Oh, tiny AND octopus, again, wonderful.

Ok, I’m just cranky. I hate being broke at the holidays, but such is the life of a freelancer. It’s all feast or famine, and nothing in between and then along comes this shop where not only do I want everything, but it’s all pretty much affordable. C’mon! I just held off on buying TOILET PAPER because of my brokitude, and now you’re making me buy ornaments with tentacles on them. My adorable, candy stash wallet will never forgive you, or me.

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The White Tree Lives

And, finally, the white tree, is assembled and decorated! It was a longer adventure than first promised, what with the impossibility of finding the right lights, and then having the tree go missing, and later replaced (for those looking for a white tree, harrows has ’em!) So, as promised, behold! My awesome, gorgeous tree!

Behold, my tree!

And here’s some close ups.

If your tree doesn't have a jellyfish ornament, just who the hell do you think you are?

I do love lollipop ornaments.

I have had this ribbon since late September. Now, it serves its purpose!

And, finally, because I made such a big deal of it, here is the tree in its throbbing, glowing, glory, and please don’t mind the shaky cam stuff, I just couldn’t help myself, I was giddy with joy.

My throbbing christmas tree

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Christmas Tree Update! Oh, and Black Friday

Right now, as I type, there is a white, iridescent tree in the trunk of my mini cooper. This is more impressive than you think on so many levels. Tomorrow, there will be a tree in my house and photos up on the blog.

As for black friday, fine! Here’s a little sale thingy for you:

All through Black Friday, use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY and get an extra 10% off your Attic order! It ends on Saturday, so if you’re one of those crazy GOTTA shop on black friday people, there you go!

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When Your Dream Becomes A Nightmare – An Amalthea Fun Fact!

Amalthea Fun Fact: I LOVE Christmas. I love the whole season. The lights, the music, the presents, pretty much everything except that awful cold that always seems to accompany it. As a child, I didn’t have access to Christmas, but now that I’m an adult, I roll around in it every year crying “yesssss! yessssss!!!!” It’s very exciting. Now, about two or three years ago, when our tree first began to shed its needles en masse, (we’re a faux tree house, there’s something sad to me about chopping down a tree just to stare at the corpse for a month or so and then leave it lonely and wet by the curb) I started thinking “hey, you know what I REALLY want? A white tree!”
Our tree was a gift from my MIL. A super highly appreciated gift because I had absolutely no idea how much those things cost and it is a lot! Who knew? I just told you, not I. Anyway, once I found out how much they were, I thought my dreams of a white tree were going to be shattered.

Oh, white tree, I love you so!

So I mentioned to my MIL to keep an eye out for a cheap white tree. She’s an excellent bargain hunter, and magically, she’d JUST traded an extra tree (she is the kind of woman who has “extra” xmas trees) for a white one and she was going to give it to us! Woah! Dreams are coming true! In my mind, I’m soon to be Margo, and my bf will be Todd! We’ll have the ultimate modern xmas and it will RULE. The only thing I need is some LED lighting. I’ve loved LED holiday lighting since it came out and clearly, new tree, new lights, gotta have it.
So, I started to hunt about a month ago only to find that multi color, white string, multi function, wide angle LED lighting is IMPOSSIBLE to find! I have literally been looking for a MONTH. Even Martha Stewart, savior of all that is fancy in holiday crap you don’t need, doesn’t have white wire LED’s this year! What the what, people? Seriously? So, today, I FINALLY solved my problem and, upon doing so realized, hey, perhaps I’m not the only one out there with this tragic situation! So here, to help any other people looking for white wire, multi color, multi function, wide angle LED Christmas tree lighting is the solution!

Step the first, the lights. Not as easy as you’d think, but I finally found ’em. Christmas Central has a pretty crazy selection of lights. I got 2 sets of 100 multi color wide angle lights, and the bulbs are replaceable, thank goodness.  Two sets may be way too many lights, but I’d rather have too many than too few. Now, to get these babies to DO something other than just sit there, I had to go somewhere else. Environmental Lights has a smaller selection of lights, but they do have more specialized stuff, including, a 3-Channel 8-Function Programmable LED Christmas Light Controller with Push Button Control! Woah! And THIS is what you need to make your lights blinky and winky and fun. You see, without this, you’re just staring at a pretty tree. With this item? It’s all kinds of twinkling romance as you snuggle in the dark. (Amalthea fun fact #2 for this entry? I am a dork.)

So, there you have it kids. I’ve placed my orders for these items tonight and I’m hoping they arrive soon. My tree should be getting here in the next week or so and once it’s all set up and blinking, I’m going to share it with all of you here. I’ll take photos and video and you can let me know what you think. I’ll tell you what I think right now, Christmas shouldn’t be this hard when it’s still two weeks until Thanksgiving.

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