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Greatest Trailer? Also, NSFW A Bit

We’ve been busy, can you tell? Things in the store are hopping. We’re still working out kinks and it’s insane. You know what’s not helping? An extreme dearth of decent horror movies. What’s going on, earth? I’m going to make it my life’s mission to watch REC3 this weekend, because the REC series has yet to let me down. But in the meantime, booooored! I’m in the middle of attempting to watch “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” but Katie Holmes keeps blocking the screen and I can’t see what’s going on around her. The woman is a black hole of chemistry. She just sucks it out of any scene she happens to be standing in or near. Brutal, Katie. Annnyway, thankfully, I just found this trailer. (Well, to be fair, I found it the other day, but, as I said, SUPER BUSY, so you’ll pardon the share delay.) It’s awesome. I wish this were a real movie. I would watch this movie. It’s fantastic. So, while we’re busy, you watch this trailer, and think about what a wonderful world it would be if THIS were a real movie. Then sigh, because, well, it’s not. For shame, world!

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A Comedy Quandary, You Decide

You know what’s funnier than regular comedy? Comedy that involves singing Brits. Now, before yesterday, I’d have said that nothing topped “Free Love Freeway.” It’s got everything I need for a belly laugh. It’s a genuinely catchy song, but it’s so brutally douche-chilly that if you DO happen to play it in your car, you’d better be at your top ironically hip form, or you’ll be arrested for endangering the public.

Now here’s the issue with this one, it’s lacking a video, like this one:

The latter doesn’t win because it’s not an original creation. Sorry, Gervais, it’s an absolutely awesome thing you’ve done here, but not as good as Free Love Freeway. And this is all ok except that this week I was enlightened to the fact that this little gem existed:

And now I’m doubting myself. Yes, Free Love Freeway is awesome. It’s basically the comedy version of “I Love You, Period” and other songs of that ilk. What? You don’t remember that? Come ON.

Ok, now you do.

It’s that song, it’s Rockabye, it’s every song from the late 80’s and early 90’s where a guy who fancies himself a cowboy travels the highway looking for love on the hood of a car. And, you know, that’s great, but my lord, Matt Berry, I have trouble swallowing liquids in a world where your voice exists because I fear that they’ll come rocketing out of my nose. You are a comedy monster, so, my personal solution is for you to do some kind of raging 80’s montage duet album with Ricky Gervais. And please let Stephen Merchant do something on it, because I find his awkwardness irresistible. He would be the perfect pickle side to your comedy corned beef sandwich.

So what say you people, who wins this one? Is it Free Love Freeway, with it’s charmingly accidental homosexual mishaps, or is it One Track Lover, with the absolutely amazing rap breakdown and brutally unsexy men in too little clothing? You be the judge. I am, as always, curious to hear what you think.

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Fonts – Eternal Comedy Fodder

So, as a nerdy geeky type writer girl, I’ve always been fond of fonts. Using different ones, discussing pros and cons, you know, riveting activities of that nature.  I’m a big fan of serif fonts because they seem very regal and gothic and creepy to me. Clearly, serif fonts wear glasses and perhaps even spats. They love Edward Gorey’s work and read Poe in the evenings. Sans serif fonts won’t even talk to me. They’re just too cool for the room.

This is one of my favorite rappists take on fonts:

I love the song, but I still don’t think that Arial is all that. Sorry, Arial, but in my world? Bookman and Baskerville rule.
In this vein, you should really take a peek at McSweeney’s essay on Comic Sans. It is one of the funniest things ever, and I say that as someone who has seen Shakes the Clown at least 15 times.

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