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Fonts – Eternal Comedy Fodder

So, as a nerdy geeky type writer girl, I’ve always been fond of fonts. Using different ones, discussing pros and cons, you know, riveting activities of that nature.  I’m a big fan of serif fonts because they seem very regal and gothic and creepy to me. Clearly, serif fonts wear glasses and perhaps even spats. They love Edward Gorey’s work and read Poe in the evenings. Sans serif fonts won’t even talk to me. They’re just too cool for the room.

This is one of my favorite rappists take on fonts:

I love the song, but I still don’t think that Arial is all that. Sorry, Arial, but in my world? Bookman and Baskerville rule.
In this vein, you should really take a peek at McSweeney’s essay on Comic Sans. It is one of the funniest things ever, and I say that as someone who has seen Shakes the Clown at least 15 times.

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