Things You Can’t Have, Part Deux

Remember a while ago when we facebooked, or tweeted or maybe even blogged about how frustrating it is when you find something really cool, and you go to find out where you can get it only to be confronted with a page full of Japanese or Chinese lettering which could say anything, but might as well say “ha ha! our stuff is cooler than yours!”? Well, now is one of those times because look at this sleeping bag:

Sometimes it's best to air out your intestines.

Oooh, it has a face cover too? Greeeat.

How cool is that? I want it and I don’t even go camping. Thankfully, there’s Babelfish, so I can tell you that it’s officially called  the “Human Phantom Sleeping Bag” and is described as (and I love this, because engrish is the greatest thing EVER)

Wonder of the human body bodily sensation is possible!? If it carries to camp, topic monopoly you are not wrong the human phantom sleeping bag. Already topic monopoly! Exhaustion unique type sleeping bag new work!! Bodily sensation is possible wonder of the human body!? Human phantom sleeping bag. The strange feeling which wraps the body in the skeleton body. Complete sale inevitability!!

It goes for 6,090 yen, which is currently about $73, which isn’t really that bad. A truly dedicated person would be able to hunt this one down, and, honestly, it might be worth it because wow, that is the coolest sleeping bag ever. So says I.

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