We’re having a “GET WOKE” giveaway!

Amalthea here. Things are rough, kids. I not gonna lie, it’s getting scary out there. Unfortunately, as a spoonie, and just a year out of my transplant, marching isn’t really a physical option right now (erhaps in the future, though, I’ll  have to talk to doctors about it.) So, what’s a freaked out gal who’s worried about the state of things, but who can’t march do to help? Well, if you’re me, and you believe that words are the source of all power, then you have a Get Woke Giveaway.


The rules are simple, make sure you follow us on instagram, @amaltheasattic, repost this image and tag a friend with #wakeandresist. Three random winners will receive a copy of either George Orwell’s 1984 or Animal Farm, or Ray Bradbury’s Farenheight 451. Already have a copy? GREAT, for the love of all that is good, give it to a friend who supports the current regime. Don’t have one yet? READ THEM. While these are meant to be both satire and an urgent warning, it seems that currently they are being repurposed as instruction manuals. This is terrifying, so we’re hoping to spread a bit of information to those who so desperately seem to need it.
The winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day, 2017.

There’s no need to purchase anything to win, you don’t even have to be a customer. This isn’t about selling stuff, this is about resisting the easy slide into fascism. As always, we thank you for any support you do offer to small businesses like ours, but for right now, we’d like to focus on your library more than your wardrobe.

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