And Across The Land, There Was A Great Hosanna!

Ok, kids. Today we did our usual “hey, Special Effects, come ON ALREADY!” call (seriously, they’re sick of hearing from us and to be quite honest, we’re sick of being THIS annoying to a supplier.) Thus far, for MONTHS it’s been “it’ll be a few weeks, it’ll be a few weeks.” It’s a nightmare on both ends, and our customers are walking around looking like dye zombies; pale, streaky and moaning for “colorrrrrrrrr.”

horrific hair!

Dude, seriously, I am DYING for DYE HERE!

It’s so sad all around, it’s just brutal. However, TODAY was different. TODAY the call went in and lo and behold, the woman on the other end said the phrase “ship date!” “What’s that?” I said (it was me on the phone!) and she said, oh, yes, we have a ship date, let me check where The Attic is in the queue. There was the shuffling of papers on the other end and she exclaimed “oh! You’re DEFINITELY at the front of the line!” I nearly shrieked in joy at the poor woman. Now, the ship date is the 12th. That’s 8 days. They’ll send it to us and we should have it shortly thereafter. Until the MOMENT that dye arrives, we’re willing to honor the Manic Panic switch out offer mentioned in the previous entry, but otherwise, we’ll ship out those orders STAT. We’ll spend all day packaging and getting ’em out.  You CAN DO THIS people. Personally, just the idea of an actual date makes me feel better. Now is the time to be strong! Now is the time to plan! Pick out your date. Decide on the day you’ll re-emerge into the world as a freshly dyed vixen! Get prepped! Make sure you have enough bleach and crappy towels! Plan an entire day of beauty, a spring awakening! It’s going to be GREAT. You know it is. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it CERTAINLY makes the dying more exciting. So, there you go. It’s COMING. It really, really, really is. I heard it straight from the supplier’s mouth. It is coming, and it is coming soon. And the best part? We will have every damn color on earth at that point! So, yay on that.

Ok? Ok. So, take a deep breath, start your planning and be still, knowing that dye is on the way.

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