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HUGE News From The Attic!

Ok, kids, today is the day many of you have been waiting for. As you know, we haven’t been taking custom falls orders, or even orders for double ended dreads. Between rheumatoid arthritis and some other illness issues, your pal Amalthea just hasn’t been up to it. I know, weep, weep, squish squish. However, recently, a friend moved back into town. The lovely owner/creator of Enchained Treasures, Sue!

Oh, hai Sue! Don't look so sad, we're about to work you to the bone!

Sue has actually worked on many of the falls you already own, as she’d been apprenticing with the Attic before she was cruelly sucked away to the evil state of New Jersey (sorry, Jersey people, but that’s what happened.) Now that she’s returned, she’s coming back to work at the Attic! So, under my watchful eye (NO falls will go out without having been fully checked over by me, and I’ll be watching the whole process until I’m FULLY certain that you’ll be getting the quality you’re used to!) we’re now taking orders for custom falls, double ended dreads, and, soon, single ended dreads again! We’re doing wool, synthetic, lox, the works! So now you can stop ‘yer bitching. If you’re looking for single dreads, just hit up the shop here, you can order those for yourself. Looking for a pre-made set (Sue’s working on those too, never fear!) you can find those here. Want those customs? Of course you do. Then hit up this page to fill out the form! I know. It’s almost too much awesome to handle. However, there’s some MORE awesome coming.

Sue is, by trade, a jewelry maker, and she makes some awesome stuff. She’s going to be doing some guest blog posts with video tutorials showing how YOU can make that awesome stuff too! She’ll also be taking custom chain maille orders soon. So keep your eye out for that.

Finally, last awesome thing, we’re going to be filming  and the posting video tutorials on making synthetic dreads and falls, wool dreads, cyberlox and more in the coming months! How will you ever stand all of this coolness? I don’t know, that’s on you. For now, just bask in the glow of all of this great news and we can’t wait to see you in the Attic!

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How To Give A Gift That Stands Out – The Secret Is In The Card!

One of the fun things about the holidays is that there’s a better than average chance that you’ll get some snail mail. The FUN kind of snail mail, where you open it, and there’s no bill inside! Just joy and a reminder that perhaps you aren’t alone on this cold and spinning rock. Yippie! The best kinds of these wonderful reminders are awesome, non-boring, super rad holiday cards from Amalthea’s Attic!

Now, some of us, myself included, are like Kyle here:

And you know what? He’s right, except about latkes, latkes RULE and if you don’t like them, see a doctor stat. It’s fried potatoes, how can that be wrong? Anyway, yes,  it can be hard, unless you get this awesome card  with this adorable kangaroo mouse on it!:

Happy Chanukah You Lucky Jew, You!

Now, for Christmas, there’s an almost obscene collection of cards out there. We have everything from creepy, like our Dexter theme card:

Harry would have made buying these part of the code, if he'd only known about them.

To the ironic, like our Very Corporate Christmas Card:

Because deep down inside each of us is a hipster, dying to be ironic all the time.

And these aren’t all, we’ve got every other kind of card you can imagine. We even have cards for everything from tumultuous relationships to being diagnosed with cancer. Are we thorough, or what? On top of all of THAT, we have more gift wrap than you can shake a candy cane at! Holiday wrap, blood spattered wrap, gift wrap with skulls, gift wrap with bats, and there’s some super secret wrap coming soon that we can’t even tell you about yet, because it’s so exciting, your brains might explode, and we don’t want that kind of thing on our hands. So, basically, if you’re looking to give a present that’s not shamefully plain, hit up the Attic. Your friends, and their gifts, will thank you.

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Amalthea Not So Fun Fact – Ouch

Some of you may have noticed that *gasp* most of the custom pieces have been taken down from the shop. Please don’t panic. The sad, not so fun fact is that I, Amalthea, have RA. And the REALLY sad fact? I’m the ONLY one around here that does any of the dreads and/or falls. So if you’re wearing our dreads or falls, you’re wearing MY dreads or falls. Now, I’ve had RA for the past couple of years and I’ve been limping along, however, for the past few weeks, it’s REALLY bad. How bad? I’m whining quite a bit, my spine is hot and swollen, and I am generally grouchy and unpleasant to be around, in fact, my boyfriend would like you all to know that I’ve also yelled at the best guy in the world, and this, too, is a sad but true fact.  Due to this fact, I’ve had to make the difficult decision to take down custom pieces for at least a little while. However, again, no need to panic! Here’s my plan. From now on, the only custom pieces (double ended dreads, swirled dreads, and maybe even single ended dreads if you’re all super good!) available will be ready to ship. That is, I’ll have made them in advance, at a time when every joint in my body isn’t shrieking. This is good for you because when you order, there will be no more waiting time! The stuff is ready to go instantly! We’ve added a pretty rad new feature to the site too so that will ensure that if you can put it in your cart and check out, it’s ready to go. Nothing sold out will be able to be purchased. The good part for me, obviously, is that when my joints are exploding, I don’t have you guys waiting on me and causing a guilt explosion on top of a rheumatoid flare, so, yay to both teams!

So, that’s the icky news. The good news is that when this flare is over, I’m seriously going to sit down and do some work on hair, including posting up several new sets of synthetic falls, so, keep an eye out for that.

I appreciate that so many of you have written and asked about new customs, dreads, and the like, and it really is awesome that you all love my work so much. I’m going to try to do my best to continue on with it in a way that makes sense for both me, and my customer base.

In the meantime, keep checking out the shop, we’re adding tons of new stuff for the holidays (it’s starting to creep in right now actually) including clothing, jewelry, gothic gift wrap, creepy and just plain weird greeting cards and lots and lots more. If you ever have suggestions about stuff you’d like to see in the shop, don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you.

Again, thanks for being Attic customers, and for reading the Attic blog (which we’re also getting such great feedback on, it’s unreal!) If you’d like to be a guest blogger, we’d love to hear from you on that front too.

Ok, enough with the grim post! The next one will be fun, or hilarious, or weird, or, who knows. It’ll be the opposite of an autoimmune disease though, I’ll promise that one!

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Oldies But Goodies Back In Stock!

We’ve had several people asking us about some window cling designs we’ve had in the past, and whether we’d be carrying them again. Well, several of them have returned!

Suzanna Jayne Window Cling

Celtic Dogs Window Cling

So, there you go, they have returned! We’ve also brought back a few other formerly sold out stock items, but they’re all in pretty limited quantities, so get ’em while the getting is good!

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Custom Falls Are Back? Yes, Slightly.

We’ve added a couple of new pairs of synthetic falls to the shop! There’s only two sets, so get ’em before they’re gone. As for custom falls, here’s the new deal. We’re taking a VERY limited number of custom orders again. Production times range from 1-3 months, so if you have an event, plan accordingly! Slots go rather quickly, so if you want them, contact us with the following info:



Base (wool or synthetic)

Colors you’d like used

If you want any extras

How many? (a set of falls or a single fall)

Once we have that info, we’ll send you an estimate. If it works for you, you can claim a slot. As for the small print? Well, there really isn’t any. Suffice it to say, if it’s 90 degrees and 80% humidity, new orders will be on hiatus. Similarly, if Amalthea’s RA is acting up too severely, this too will put new orders on hiatus. So, get ’em while the getting’s good.

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