Clearly, It’s Summer

So, after three days of rain and gloom, it’s summer here in the Attic. Good things are afoot! All special effects hair dye colors are IN and shipping! Woah! I know. Shocking! We even have YELLOW! Woah! I know. Calm down though, it’s a little crazy.

rainbow hair

You *could* go this route, I'm not saying you want to, but you *could.*

And there’s OTHER insanely awesome summer news as well. Remember those amazing bathing suits we had last year? The ones that sold out so quickly that you missed em? Yeah, that was sad. Good news though! We have them again! We’ve got new styles, more stock AND they’ve been recut this year to be a little kinder fit wise!

Goth girls hit the beach too, you know.

So, there you have it, MORE amazing news.

One final bit of news? I’m now known as the crazy chameleon lady in my office, and I DON’T CARE! You’ll all recall that trip to the Reptile Expo a few weeks back. Well, it turned me into a chameleon monster and now I’m in love with Mordrid.

The Next Step

Is it left and THEN right? Curses!

Awww! Isn’t she the cutest? Don’t lie, she is, and you know it. So, yes, dye, bathing suits, AND adorable lizards. What more could you want? Seriously. What else do you want? Let us know, we’ll try and cover it here.

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