How To Give A Gift That Stands Out – The Secret Is In The Card!

One of the fun things about the holidays is that there’s a better than average chance that you’ll get some snail mail. The FUN kind of snail mail, where you open it, and there’s no bill inside! Just joy and a reminder that perhaps you aren’t alone on this cold and spinning rock. Yippie! The best kinds of these wonderful reminders are awesome, non-boring, super rad holiday cards from Amalthea’s Attic!

Now, some of us, myself included, are like Kyle here:

And you know what? He’s right, except about latkes, latkes RULE and if you don’t like them, see a doctor stat. It’s fried potatoes, how can that be wrong? Anyway, yes,  it can be hard, unless you get this awesome card  with this adorable kangaroo mouse on it!:

Happy Chanukah You Lucky Jew, You!

Now, for Christmas, there’s an almost obscene collection of cards out there. We have everything from creepy, like our Dexter theme card:

Harry would have made buying these part of the code, if he'd only known about them.

To the ironic, like our Very Corporate Christmas Card:

Because deep down inside each of us is a hipster, dying to be ironic all the time.

And these aren’t all, we’ve got every other kind of card you can imagine. We even have cards for everything from tumultuous relationships to being diagnosed with cancer. Are we thorough, or what? On top of all of THAT, we have more gift wrap than you can shake a candy cane at! Holiday wrap, blood spattered wrap, gift wrap with skulls, gift wrap with bats, and there’s some super secret wrap coming soon that we can’t even tell you about yet, because it’s so exciting, your brains might explode, and we don’t want that kind of thing on our hands. So, basically, if you’re looking to give a present that’s not shamefully plain, hit up the Attic. Your friends, and their gifts, will thank you.

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