HUGE News From The Attic!

Ok, kids, today is the day many of you have been waiting for. As you know, we haven’t been taking custom falls orders, or even orders for double ended dreads. Between rheumatoid arthritis and some other illness issues, your pal Amalthea just hasn’t been up to it. I know, weep, weep, squish squish. However, recently, a friend moved back into town. The lovely owner/creator of Enchained Treasures, Sue!

Oh, hai Sue! Don't look so sad, we're about to work you to the bone!

Sue has actually worked on many of the falls you already own, as she’d been apprenticing with the Attic before she was cruelly sucked away to the evil state of New Jersey (sorry, Jersey people, but that’s what happened.) Now that she’s returned, she’s coming back to work at the Attic! So, under my watchful eye (NO falls will go out without having been fully checked over by me, and I’ll be watching the whole process until I’m FULLY certain that you’ll be getting the quality you’re used to!) we’re now taking orders for custom falls, double ended dreads, and, soon, single ended dreads again! We’re doing wool, synthetic, lox, the works! So now you can stop ‘yer bitching. If you’re looking for single dreads, just hit up the shop here, you can order those for yourself. Looking for a pre-made set (Sue’s working on those too, never fear!) you can find those here. Want those customs? Of course you do. Then hit up this page to fill out the form! I know. It’s almost too much awesome to handle. However, there’s some MORE awesome coming.

Sue is, by trade, a jewelry maker, and she makes some awesome stuff. She’s going to be doing some guest blog posts with video tutorials showing how YOU can make that awesome stuff too! She’ll also be taking custom chain maille orders soon. So keep your eye out for that.

Finally, last awesome thing, we’re going to be filming  and the posting video tutorials on making synthetic dreads and falls, wool dreads, cyberlox and more in the coming months! How will you ever stand all of this coolness? I don’t know, that’s on you. For now, just bask in the glow of all of this great news and we can’t wait to see you in the Attic!

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One thought on “HUGE News From The Attic!

  1. Kristin

    This is awesome news! As soon as I am working again I will definitely be ordering some falls. I am so stoked, I’m also glad it will help to give you some relief from your arthritis.

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