More Cat Things? Yes. More Cat Things.

Do we write too much about kitties here in the Attic Blog? Perhaps. Kittens are our weakness, our vice, if your vice is kittens, is that really THAT awful? We say no.

Soooo, what’s awesome for kittens today? Turning them into sharks and rockets.
Etsy seller Youth Diaspora has broken into our hearts and very likely our wallets with two amazing sweaters made just for your kitty.

Will your cat be tired of you yelling 3,2,1 blast off! Very possibly.

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the living room.

Look at those kittens. They clearly love wearing these obscenely ridiculous sweaters. We have two kittens in the Attic and we’re pretty sure that one of them will grow to function, and perhaps even go so far as to tolerate/ignore being placed into these adorable pieces. Colin is good like that. Fred, well, he’ll pretend to be paralyzed until we remove the sweater and just push himself across the floor by his back legs. While this will vastly improve the sharky effect of the shark sweater, it may create the impression that the rocket sweater is a dud.

There’s also a bat sweater in her shop, but you’ll have to go visit the shop if you want to see that gothy kitten goodness.

So, if you’ve got a Colin on your hands, you really might want to pick up one of these things. It’s bound, at bare minimum, to amuse your guests to no end.

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