We JUST got off the phone with Special Effects, and AS OF NEXT WEEK a box will be on its way to us (actually, more likely SEVERAL boxes) and it will contain the following shades:

  • blue freak
  • napalm orange
  • joyride
  • fishbowl
  • wildflower
  • blue mayhem
  • cherry bomb
  • atomic pink
  • electric blue
  • nuclear red
  • deep purple
  • candy apple red
  • iguana green
  • blood red
  • sonic green
  • virgin rose
  • devilish
  • blue velvet
  • pimpin purple
  • cupcake pink

OMG! I KNOW. How exciting is that? Are you SEEING the sonic green and the iguana green? Are you WITNESSING the fish bowl blue and the napalm orange? YES YOU ARE!! So, there you have it kids. We’ve been working overtime to try to GET YOU THESE COLORS and now, it’s GOING TO HAPPEN! As always, backorders will ship in the order they were received and ALL backorders WILL be getting the same goodies and treats as due to new orders placed this month, because you people are AMAZING and you have waited SO long. We THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience. The vast majority of you have been AWESOME about this. We also thank you for shopping in the Attic overall. There’s a lot of stores out there, and we’re just little guys, but we do our best to give you what you want and we thank you SO much for supporting our efforts this past decade!!!

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2 thoughts on “OMG! SPECIAL EFFECTS NEWS!!!!

  1. D

    Thanks for updating us on this, it is thrilling news! I’ve been green-haired for six years and Iguana Green is my go-to color, and I haven’t had access to it in about a year and a half. Can’t believe I’ll be reunited with it soon!

  2. Amalthea Post author

    We are SO excited! The moment the box arrives, we’ll post PHOTO PROOF! And, then we’ll all be insanely busy packing orders and getting tracking numbers out to all!

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