There’s Good News And Bad News

OMG you guys, seriously.

So, we’re back from our inventory/vacation extravaganza. It was excellent. There were fish and horses and all sorts of tropical wonders.

Media Luna

But now we’re back. We’re packing orders and shipping stuff out. And here’s where the badness starts. After yet ANOTHER call to the Special Effects supplier, the new update is that we’ll be getting our order “in about a week.” We know, this is a nightmare. Trust us when we say that we’re not happy about it either. This is becoming one of those long national nightmares that makes everyone’s hair equally hideous. You see, the way Special Effects works is they don’t have a constant manufacturing process. Every couple of months, they pump out a few colors that have a limited shelf life. Because of this, there are times where the system gets backed up and everyone is doomed to pale streaky locks. It sucks. So what can we do? Well, we’ve decided that because this issue happens at LEAST once a year, if not more often, something has to be done. To help you all out, we’re now stocking some Manic Panic shades and those ship IMMEDIATELY. Which shades? The ones that correspond to the worst hit of the Special Effects line. So you pinky pinks and turquoise kids won’t have to live in pale misery. If you currently have an outstanding order for Special Effects, and you’d like to switch it to MP brand, just let us know. We’ll ship out the Manic Panic version and you won’t be charged the additional fee (MP is $1 more.) No, it won’t be EXACTLY the same shade. However, Hot Hot Pink is a VERY close match to Atomic Pink, and Vampire Red works well for Blood Red. Here’s some examples:

Oh yeah!

Hot Hot Pink

anime hair

Atomic Pink


Blood Red

The hair, with picture slightly oversaturated on purpose

Vampire Red


Sonic Green

Naomi IV

Atomic Turquoise

So, there you go, not an EXACT match, but close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades, no? And the best part is, that we can stock these colors ALL year, without fail. We’ll still be carrying Special Effects, but because we don’t want you guys to have to deal with this kind of wait, we’re going to stock Manic Panic too. These are the Manic Panic Amplified colors, so they DO last longer than standard Manic Panic and they come in the bottles you’re used to, for easier application. You use them the exact same way and you can even use our application tutorial for the best results. So, there you have it. The good and the bad. We’re only doing the even exchange deal until the Special Effects arrive, and once they do, we’ll ship that out immediately. So live fast, and dye your hair, now, with no waiting!

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