Why should I bother making an account on the site?

Creating an account on the site allows you to track your order status, keep a cart, and last, but certainly not least, have access to our special email list where we release early news about new products, pre-orders, contests, special sales, wishlists and more!



Ok, but do I HAVE to make an account?

Nope! You can checkout as a guest, but you're going to miss out on all of those fun features account holders get.



Does Amalthea's Attic accept credit cards as well as paypal?

Absolutely. You can pay with either a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express),paypal, e-check, check, or money order (made out to Irene Freedman  through the site shopping cart.

If you want to mail in a payment, make it out to Irene Freedman and mail it to 40 Lakeview Drive, Mastic Beach, NY 11951. If you need to call in an order, call us at 631.729.6538 



No! I don't WANT to use paypal. I just want to use my credit card, no paypal! How do I do that?

You can check out without using paypal with your credit card! Just click the black "checkout" boxes, not the yellow "checkout with paypal" boxes. Keep using the black buttons all the way through instead of the yellow paypal buttons and you'll bypass paypal :)  



I REALLY want to use Paypal, but why won't the stupid coupon code thingy show up? Huh? Riddle me THAT ONE?!

 If you click paypal, the cart will try to bypass the coupon code, because online carts are fundamentally evil creatures and must be FOOLED into doing the right thing. What you need to do is when it says "you're checking out with paypal express, click here to choose another payment method" click there! You'll still get to use paypal, but it'll take you to the screen where you can enter the code! 



Do you ship outside of the United States? What's up with the shipping charges, can we work something out on that?

We ship all over the world. If you get mail, we can get a package to you. Our shipping calculator is only so intuitive. It's got a brain the size of a tiny tiny tiny monkey, and sometimes works just as well. If you're checking out and the shipping charges seem off to you, feel free to email us! We'll see if the little shipping monkey has made an error and send you a refund for the difference.



How do I know the status of my order?

Logging into your account will allow you to check on the status of your order. If you have placed an order for custom hair, please email us for a status update.



When will my order ship?

Most items are in stock and ready to go. These items usually ship within 48 hours of purchase. Some items marked made to order can take longer. Custom items (like double enders) are made as orders are received and can take 2-3 weeks (though smaller orders are generally done more quickly.) Orders ship via USPS and generally take 2-3 days in the U.S. and about 2 weeks outside of the U.S. depending on customs.



What's the return policy?

Most items can be returned within 60 days if they are in new, re-sellable condition. Exclusions to this  rule are edible items, items for hair (dye, accessories,) makeup, and falls, because of obvious health issues. If you need to make a return, simply email us with your order number and we'll send you an RMA form. Please mail this back with the item you are returning.  If an item is being returned due to an issue on our end, we will refund your return shipping once the item is received, otherwise, you will be asked to pay for return shipping and shipping on any items requested in exchange. 



I live outside the US, can you mark my items as gifts or lower the value on my customs forms?

No, we can't do that. It's a federal offense and we try to be good little shopkeepers. 



I keep trying to add 6 of (any item) to my cart, but it resets back to 1! Why is that?

Sounds like there aren't enough of that item in stock to fulfill your request. If you have a question or concern, you can always contact us. We'll either check the stock level for you or we can generate an order for you on this end and sent you a payment request. 



I'm in hell! I keep trying to check out and I'm trapped in an endless paypal loop! What the what is going on?

What MIGHT have happened is that you've chose to use the PayPal Express Checkout feature, and you're not a verified PayPal customer.  If you choose that option, you'll automatically go to the PayPal log in page.  Once logged in, if you are not a verified PayPal customer, there is a loop from PayPal back to the Attic, along with an error message that reads:   To maintain a high level of security, customers using Express Checkout must be verified PayPal customers. To avoid this, either verify your account at PayPal or choose another means of payment. You CAN use paypal, just not paypal express, you dig?



Yeah, that's NOT the problem, and I'm STILL IN HELL! Help me!!!

Ok, take a deep breath! We're here for you! If all else fails, what you should do is place your order and check out using the "check/money order" option. In the comments, just let us know that you'd like to pay via paypal and if your paypal address is different than your account address, include that. We'll send you a payment request via paypal, and the order will process normally as soon as we receive payment!



I ordered the wrong size, what do I do now?

No worries. Just email us and we'll send you an RMA #. Just send the item back to us with the RMA slip to:
Amalthea's Attic
40 Lakeview Drive
Mastic Beach, NY 11951
As long as the item is returned in re-sellable condition, we'll either send you your requested size, or a refund, or store credit, whichever you prefer!



I can't find the store's phone number!

It's 631.729.6538.  



How can I earn reward points?

There’s a ton of ways to earn rewards in the Attic. When you recommend the site to a friend, you’ll earn points when they check out with their first order (just let them know what email you use on the site so they can fill that in!)

Every purchase you make earns you rewards. You do not earn rewards on tax or shipping. 

If you write a review of a product, we’ll give you rewards for that too! (They have to be useful reviews, ones which other customers would appreciate!)

Finally, if you send us a photo for our customer gallery, we’ll toss you some rewards points for that as well. 



When do I get my points?

Some points are awarded instantly, while some take up to 15 days to credit to your account.



I want custom falls! How can I get some?

Just fill out this form.



I make some really cool stuff and I’d like Amalthea’s Attic to carry it. How can I do that?

Email us! We’re always on the lookout for new vendors and we love supporting indie craftsmen in any way we can.



Do you guys carry Special Effects Dye? 

Yes! We carry every color! Here's a direct link.



Will you guys carry my band’s CD, even if I’m not gothy and creepy?

Send us a copy to review, and if we like it, sure. We’re very eclectic here. All we require is that you be entertaining.



I don’t want to sell my stuff, but I’d really like to promote my band,art, etc. In some other way. Would you guys consider distributing my stickers and other stuff?

Absolutely. Mail us stickers, flyers, whatever you like, and we’ll put them in with our orders as they go out. 



I can't figure out this whole hair dye thing. Do you guys have hair dye instructions somewhere?

Sure. You can check out our blog for instructions HERE.