Customer Feedback

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE you guys! I have been buying Special Effects hair dye and other products from you for a while, now, and I am never disappointed with my service! I love everything about shopping with you guys! From browsing the website, using the wish list, and finding my products wrapped in the coolest tissue paper, (which I always save!) I always have fun shopping with you! I even made an account for family so they can make Christmas wish lists! I hope to save up the cash for the amazing falls that you guys make! Thank you so much for your totally awesome store and service!!! You have my customer loyalty! :D

p.s. Amaltha's Attic is a million times better than Hot Topics!

-Tobey (Dye)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I adore your store, the shipping is always so fast you have the best prices. I just adore it. I cannot recommend this store enough. Every time someone asks me about my pink hair I tell them to go to your site because you are the best.

Just thought I would let you know,

P.S. I loved the Halloween goody bag. :)

-Jamie (Variety of goodies)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your delightful shop and wonderful service. I love shopping here. :)
Best Regards,

-Shiela (Variety of goodies)

I got my order today.

I LOVE IT! You guys got every thing perfect, and I can tell that a lot of love care and attention went into it. You have definitely earned a repeat customer! Thanks again for helpin' me be the coolest at the club!

-Holly (Variety of goodies)



Hi. I just ordered $60 worth of Special Effects hair dye, and I just wanted to thank you on two counts -- one, for selling Special Effects! Less and less people are carrying the hair dye, and it's honestly the best rainbow-color hair dye out there. Far superior, in my opinion, than Manic Panic or any others! ... And two, for having the best prices I've seen on them. I actually feel like I'm taking advantage, I hope you're still turning a profit. 

I'll be certain to post a LiveJournal entry mentioning what a great deal you're having on the stuff. =)

-DL (Dye)



Just wanted to let you know that I received the package yesterday evening.  Thank you so much for the speedy service!!!  I'm surprised mail even made it due to the horrible storms Sunday that knocked down all the wires and trees in our development!  Thank you again.

Once I get some pictures, I'll send some along.

-Jen (Double Enders)

Thank you so much for my latest custom order! As usual, they were lovely pieces, and I loved showing them off :D The fringe, after delivery was all sorted out, was perfect with minimal styling and my headband. Everybody loved the whole outfit (including the first dress I've ever made ;3), and I was even happy to refer the Attic to people who asked about the falls.
Thanks so much again, and I hope the pictures do it justice!

-Josie (Custom Dolly Falls and Fringe Set)


I bought some double-enders from you a little bit before this past Christmas (extra long black, burgundy, and burgundy/black), and I just wanted to send you some pictures I've taken of me wearing them for the customer gallery! I'm so in love with them, and I get compliments on them whenever they're in. Some people who are unacquainted with the whole synth hair craze actually think they're *real*. 

-Perry (Double Enders)



i just got home from work to find my most beautiful
hot pink and baby pink dreads in the mail box, they
are well... soooo beautiful, thank you, i just placed
another order for alot more :D cant wait to have them
put in, i'll send you guys a photo too :D:D

thanks again

-Cyberpixie (Custom Falls)


Hello it's Jake here, I have some pictures in your gallery of the double enders I ordered a while ago.
I have recently ordered some extentions and I was wondering if you would also like pictures of those to put in the gallery?
And may I also say a huge thank you for brilliant products on both ocasions, I am currently talking my friend into getting some extentions too as he was amazed by the qualty of mine.
If you would like some pictures I will get them to you asap.

-Jake (Double Enders)


I'm sending out a belated thank you for my last order I received a month or so ago. Once again, you have exceeded my expectations and am quite thrilled with my new dreads. I will send you a photo as soon as I am able to. 
Thank you!

-Amethyst (Custom Falls)


I just received my dreads yesterday in the mail and I wanted to let you know that this is the best quality of dreads that I have ever bought :) especially since I have thin hair; they work PERFECTLY with it.
I said I would buy again, which I did (orange/black striped dreads). once I get those in :) I can finish my hairpiece.
Glad to work with you and I'll definitely be using your site as a place to buy my dreads.

-Brittany (Double Enders)


Hello! This is the first time I've seen you 'available' for a while, but I wanted to tell you that I got the falls a little while ago, and I absolutely love them!!!
They were more than I was expecting ((way worth the wait)) and they turned out to be the most beautiful set of falls I've ever laid eyes on. Thank you so much - I'm uber proud to call them mine. 

-Kinokukori, via aim - (Custom Falls)


Well my package arrived. I opened the box, carefully peeled back the
purple tissue, and.....Gasped!!! So so so fabulous! It was like an
extravaganza in the box! A gleaming, glowing pile of out of this world,
big, fat, luscious, lavish lox! So I threw it on my head, (took 2
seconds) and still in my pajamas began to run around the house tearing
through stuff, toys, clothes, wrappers, whatever I could find, and have
been inspired to concoct a wicked and very delicious outfit. This is the
insane and glorious inspiration you have given me. Thank you! Love it!
You did a beautiful job! And I'm glad we didn't add the pink. Totally
didn't need it. You rock! Yes! It's all about love! Woohoo! Peace!

And a follow up email:
Hey there! So I went to a fab Black and Light Ball. Everything was day
glo/ flouorescent, the place was flooded with black light. It was way
cool. My lox totally glowed...Wild! So many people took my picture! I was
the only one with anything like this, so it was so unique! Great for
dancing too...I swung it around like some wild beast. I was one with the
lox. Wicked! Here are some pics. Also I put this guy with the sickest
costume. Thought you might appreciate... 

Check our her falls
 in our customer gallery!

-Rocketgirl (Pre-made Cyber lox falls)


You guys rock so much!  Dude, seriously, I know this sounds corny but I'm buying all the dye I need from you guys from now on. You're by far the best salespersons I've ever dealt with.
*xoxo Chelsea-Rose oxox*

-Chelsea (Special Effects Dye and Bleach)


My hair falls arrived on friday and I wore them that night and today hehe.. They are amazing soooooo beautiful. Bravo. Thank you so much. Great job! 

~Lacey~ (Custom Falls)


yes in the bussell of the holidays i forgot to respond like i was going to. i got them in sunday.. which confused me, but i ABSOLUTLY love these dreads, their exactly what i wanted thank you so much for every bit of help you have given me in customer service.
i will deffintly be ordering another set for doubles soon.
as always your customer service is wonderful

-Galaan (Double Enders)


well. I just got them in the mail today. and I AM VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY!!!!! thank you very much and I greatly appreciate your effort. I love them in fact I have them on right now. you are right they are looking pretty groovy, so once again thank you so much and I'm glad you took the time to help me with my order.

thank you, alaina
ps. I hope to do business with you again

-Alaina Bonilla (Custom Falls)


 thanks!! i love my dreads and cyberlox and i was very pleased with your
services i will be ordering more hair as soon as i have the money!! thanks

-Desiree Williams (Cyberlox)


Hey there !!!
I wanted to say thank you soo much for sending my order sooo fast. I'm in the process of movin and I was afraid that I would not get it in time and may be lost in the mail.
again I thank you so much for the fast delivery.
and if after I move I have some cash left over I would totally love to make pmts on those purple hair falls you made with the bats cuz purple is my absolute fav color and I LOVE the way you put all that together.
thanks and have a bless weekend

-Amanda Rizzardini (Special Effects Dye)


My mask arrived today. IT'S FUKKING AWESOME!!!!!! thank you very much.

-DJ Brother Pierce (Maltreat Mask)


Here are my pics from my new dreads!!! I just LOVE them!!!!!!!!! LOVE them!!!!! Here are some pics I took with them in : ) I can send more later too...thank you again! I am so sooooooo happy with them and got SO many compliments on them - I have given your website info out to at least 2-3 friends that will probably contact you now for getting some! One of my best friends Tara just went on and on! She loves them too so much! I think she will definitely get some now that she saw mine! Hee hee! Well thank you SOOOOO much...and I might even order some later on maybe in a few months and get some different ones just so I have a variety : )

Thank you SO much again! I look forward to doing more business with you guys!

-Olivia B (Dreadfalls)


Hello, thanks for the great item. I loved the extra touches and goodies you gave with the product. The seal was the coolest thing I ever saw. I wish more people would take pride in their products like you do. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the extra time and effort placed into shipping out your products. You will be seeing more business from me when I get my paycheck. Have a great day. 

-Tim (Lip Service Top)


Received the order today, cannot believe how wonderful they are!!! better than I could have imagined! I have left excellent feed back and added you to my favorite sellers list! thanx!

-Roger (Body Jewelry through Ebay)


Hey there!
I have the photos from the convention back, with a couple good shots 
of the hair piece! It was absolutely beautiful, and I was so happy 
with it. Evidently everyone else was, too, because they stopped me 
every four feet to take photos.
Thanks again, can't wait to order more pieces from you in the future.

-Brenna (Custom Silky Falls)

Hi, just wanted to let you know I got my package today! Holy sh*t! I got a 
decal of a hot babe with a death ray in her hand, I got a sticker with a 
super hot red headed goth babe, with your website on it, a cool post card, a 
plastic laminate of your business card, and to top it off I got the first two 
issues of the puppet terrors comic book!!!!! Thank you so very much!!! It 
was worth the wait. Murder, mayhem, no strings attached!! Amen!

-Wade (Puppet Terrors and Comics)


I received the dreads this weekend and am very happy with them. They are exactly what I wanted - thank you! I will certainly be ordering other items in the near future, perhaps including some kind of clip in fringe/bangs to go with this dread fall.
The parcel was beautifully packed and I am really happy with my order.
Thanks again,

-Celine (Custom Falls) 


I just love them! They are beautifl! Next order will be synthetic dreads. I really appreciate your work and will refer you too all my friends!

-Karen (Wool Falls)


I got them in Sunday.. which confused me, but I ABSOLUTELY love these dreads, they're exactly what I wanted thank you so much for every bit of help you have given me in customer service.
I will definitely be ordering another set of doubles soon.

-Josh (Mixed media Ponyfall in synthetic, roving and cyberlox)


My hair falls arrived on Friday and I wore them that night and today hehe. They are amazing soooooo beautiful. Bravo. Thank you so much. Great job! 

~Lacey~ (Synthetic Falls)



I received the dreadfalls I ordered last week and I LOVE them! 
Thanks so much for getting them to me quickly and for having them be so damn awesome.
I attached a picture of me in them for your customer gallery! thanks,

-Laura (Synthetic Falls)


Thanks for getting my hair so quick-and the candy!  I'm SO glad I had your cards!  I handed out quite a few and I even handed some out at the Japanese Gardens Fall Festival.  One of the ladies was doing a demonstration in a Kimono and literally grabbed me from the crowd to ask me about them! 
 ...When I was in college, I had my own natural skinny ones.  Now I'm a teacher, so it's out of the question, but I miss mine!  I love that I can bring this part of me out again, but I won't lose my job over it!  Thank you!  You rock!
Here's a pic!
BTW- My boyfriend thinks they are HOT!

-Tara (Synthetic Falls)


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