Synthetic Hair Questions

Custom Falls

So, you've saved up your money and now you want a pair of custom falls? You've come to the right place! Just click THIS LINK and fill out the form and we'll let you know how much those babies are gonna run you! 
A note: we are only back to making these for a VERY LIMITED TIME (think ending in March 2011 at the latest) so place orders sooner rather than later. If you're interested in apprenticing for the Attic and becoming our next fall maker, please drop us an email!


Double Ended Dread Installation Instructions

To ensure a good grip, your hair should be at least 3" long, though it *can* be shorter if you make small braids and tie them tightly. 
Don't forget to pick up rubber bands!


Synthetic Hair Wear and Care Guide

I want to get dread extensions, but how do I put them in? Can I do it myself?

Yes, you can absolutely do this yourself. You will likely need a friend to help you with the back of your head, but it is very simple to do. We include instructions with these orders too, but, again, if you lose them, you can always find a copy, in PDF format HERE.


What is the difference between a pair of dreadfalls (dread falls) and a single fall (ponyfall)?

Pairs and singles are constructed in the same manner but a single pony fall usually has 1.25 - 1.5 times the number of dreads as a  single hairpiece from a pair and is meant to be worn as a ponytail, rather than pigtails (one on each side.). If you order a pair of dreadfalls, they can both be worn together in a ponytail to create a massive ponyfall, so many clients prefer to get a pair, because it allows for more style choices. Any and all materials we offer can be used in both ponyfalls and pairs of dread falls, but we do not recommend using synthetic hair for very long pieces due to weight concerns.


How long does my hair need to be to wear falls?

A good rule of thumb is to make sure your hair is  long enough to put into a ponytail (for a ponyfall) or pigtails (for a set.) For fringes, hair in the front should be at least 1/2" long for a good grip. Heavier hair pieces work better with slightly longer hair. If you purchase foam or cyberlox, your hair does not need to be very long at all.  If your hair is too short, consider getting a full wig. ??


How are your hairpieces mounted?

Unless otherwise requested, hairpieces are mounted on extra thick, metal free elastics. Lace mountings are also available upon request as is sewing elastic. For a small surcharge, we can mount your elastic base falls on a removable claw clip as well. We will work with you to use whatever mounting you are most comfortable with.


I went to a club and now my falls smell terrible! Are they ruined?

For stinky falls, The Attic recommends spraying with Febreeze™ and hanging falls outside (if possible) to dry. Otherwise, a bathroom works just as well.


Ok, my falls really are ruined! My cat killed them/one of the dreads unwraveled/they got caught in a car door/some jerk yanked them in a club/the elastic died/ help!!!

Never fear! We know you pay good money for your falls, and we want you to be able to use them for a long long time! If you ever have any problems with your falls, you can always ship them back to us (along with a note listing the email account associated with your original payment) and we will repair them for you at no charge (you pay for one way shipping)! We can even replace damaged elastics if you like. Did you buy your falls on another site and want them repaired? No worries! Drop us an email describing the damage, and we will let you know how much we will charge for the repair. It is usually a very minimal fee.


Do you guys install double ended dreads or do dread extensions?

Yes we do! If you are in the NY area and would be interested in booking an appointment, or want any other info, just drop us an email!


I make dreadfalls and I'd like to sell them through the Attic, can I do that?

Yes you can! We ask that you send us several photos of some pieces that you've done, and we'll look them over. If we think that your style is a good match for the Attic, we'll contact you for more info. For synthetic falls, we take a 10% commission on sales, but we charge nothing up-front for the listing. For other items, commissions may vary. If you're crafty and want to sell your goodies here, give us a hollar!